Land Border Crossing from Thailand to Myanmar

Thailand-Myanmar land border

Aliens can cross the border at Mae Sai (Thailand, Chiang Rai Province) / Tachileik (Myanmar, Shan State) and travel to Kyaing Tong in Myanmar; to continue overland you need a permit (read more here). There are seven legal border crossings in Thailand / Malaysia: Border crossings in southern Myanmar. Approval must be applied for one month before the date of travel. The route must be the same point, but the customer has the option of travelling to Thailand by land.

Border crossing Mae Sot, Thailand to Myawaddy, Myanmar 2017 - Myanmar Message Board

Border crossing from Mae Sot, Thailand to Myawaddy, Myanmar. The border crossing is open from 6.00 to 20.00 on 7 working nights a day. There is a 400 metre walking path between Thai and Myanmar migration control points across the viaduct. i' i' i' i' i' s fairly sure, but not sure that the opening hours match the myawaddy age.

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain and many other pass holder must obtain a USD 50 Myanmar visas and present a certificate of entry at the border before crossing. Submit your application via the official website of the federal administration and it will take up to three working day, although my 5 hour stay lasted. No Thai departure tax.

In Myawaddy there are several ways to buy coach-tours ( (in Myanmar or Thai currency) to your next destinations. There was one immediately on the right side of the street, behind Myanmar's departures markhouse. In the afternoons and evenings, mini-vans and busses can be more difficult to trade because they are transported over night and what I am taught is more loved by people.

Hpa-on after 4 hrs, Thaton after 5 hrs, Kyaikto after 6 hrs and here you can take the coach to kina for 500 Kyat, the city near the gold cliffs, Hpa Yar Gyi after 7 hrs, Bago after 8 hrs (transfer here for a 6pm overnight coach northward to Kalaw and Inle lake for 18000kyat) and Yangon after 9 hrs drive.

In order not to get off in the midnight, I would suggest a overnight in Mae Sot in the sleeping place for 200 Thai pp and in the early mornings, before 8 o'clock in the mornings, to Myanmar to the first shuttles or buses. FYI, the days before we traversed we got an 8th 30-am verdant coach from Chiang May for 290 Thai expects in at 2pm, but we arrived at 4. 30-pm and ruled that it was too late in the afternoon, when our destination would have been the Gold Rocks, which would have seen us arriving in the midnight.

Those who go to Maylamyine, I asked the local people and there are proportion of minivans for 450thai per persons that can be bargained down, these I am told get out of the house between 8am and 5pm every day and take 4 h. Eventually we were held on three different opportunities by the migration between Myawaddy and hpa-an in our minivan and had to give our ID and e-visa letters (with stamps on them) to the officers through the windows.

For me they seemed like natives, but they had a cap with the inscription "Immigration", so they must have been legitim.

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