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This is the source of news and information for every resident of Lancaster County. Country Amish Things to do, food, shopping, accommodation, etc. Lancaster County will please you with the things you always knew were here. Situated in the landscape of north-eastern Lancaster County, the " Old Capital, USA " is considered the leading year-round antique resort in the northeast. Scrolling mounds with luxuriant grass and harvests, farmhouses with wind-mills on the horizon and horses and pushchairs on the street recall that Lancaster County is easier.

Located in the centre of Lancaster County, its seven sq. kilometres are full of fine dining, fine dining, museum, historic attraction, cafés, theatre, shopping and fashion. Make a brief tour of Lancaster County to see our close neighbours. Our hiking routes will help you be your tour leader for adventures, fun, art, wines, beers and more in Lancaster County.

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The Lancaster County Prison was constructed in the town in 1851 after the Lancaster Castle in England.... First cobbled street in the United States was the former Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike, which is part of today's U.S. Route 30. The Turnpike, opened in 1795, linked the towns of Lancaster and Philadelphia and was created by a Scots architect called John Loudon McAdam.

The inhabitants of Lancaster are known for using the term "macadam" instead of paving or tarmac. Lancaster was the home of several important personalities in US civilization. The property of James Buchanan, the 15th President of the United States, is one of Lancaster's most beloved landmarks. One of the most influential members of the United States House of Representatives, Thaddeus Stevens was a lawyer in Lancaster.

Fulton Opera in the centre of the village was called after Robert Fulton, born in Lancaster, a man of the Italian Renaissance who developed the first fully functioning steamship. Lancaster became a centre of the ferrous industry after the American Revolution. Lancaster produced two of the most popular items needed by frontier pioneers: the Conestoga car and the long Pennsylvania gun.

Conestoga Car was called after the Conestoga River that flows through the town. William Henry, an innovator in gunsmithing, resided in Lancaster and was a US Congress representative and commander during and after the American Revolution. The Lancaster Council formally recognised September 27 as its main date on October 13, 2011, a public holiday that recognised Lancaster's date as the US capitol in 1777.

The Lancaster is situated at 40°02'23" Nord, 76°18'16" Wes ( 40. 039860, -76. 304366),[16] and 368 ft (112 m) above sealevel. Situated about 55 kilometers south east of Harrisburg, 110 kilometers west of Philadelphia, 89 kilometers N. E. of Baltimore and 140 kilometers N. E. of Washington, DC.

The United States Census Bureau reports that the town has a surface area of 7.4 sq. m. (19 km2), of which 7.4 sq. m. (19 km2) are lands and 0.14% are waters. The Lancaster has a wet continent climatic (Köppen climatic class Dfa) with either high or very high temperatures.

At the time of the 2000 census[21], 56,348 persons, 20,933 homes and 12,162 family members were living in the town. There were 61 of them. There was a distributed populace in the town, 27. Since 2005 [29] Lancaster is in the midst of restructuring, with an increase in specialist stores, shops, bars, nightclubs and reinvestments in inner cities.

The founding of "Gallery Row" in 2005 consolidated Lancaster's position as an art destinations. Lancaster General Hospitals is funding the Northwest Corridor. It is planned that the clinic will build a mixed-use settlement that will include several urban areas in the Lancaster network. Lancaster's comprehensive 2009 annual financial report[35] shows that the city's best jobs are in[35]:

Soon after a policeman was injured during the day in a shooting on 17 February 2000 near the centre of Lancasters Penn Square, local inhabitants, prosecutors and selected officers were looking for sustainable ways to deal with the increasing levels of inner city criminality. When the Lancaster County Crime Commission summoned in August 2000, dealing with questions of security was a priority.

The Lancaster Community Safety Coalition (LCSC) organised and recorded the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a non-profit organisation in 2004, mainly because of concern about a camera system run by the government or the law. LCSC employees who have been remunerated are screened and instructed by the FBI in the back to supervise the 164 closed-circuit TV camera networks in the town of Lancaster.

Nationwide, Lancaster is part of the Pennsylvania Sixteenth Congress Division, headed by Lloyd Smucker, a member of the West Lampeter Township that replaced Joe Pitts in 2016. Pennsylvania's governor is Democrat Tom Wolf of neighboring York County, who was voted in in 2014. In addition, the town of Lancaster is the seat of the Constitutional Party.

Red Rose Transport Authority (RRTA) provides public transport to Lancaster County and the area. The RRTA headquarters is outside the town of Lancaster. Amtrak also operates the Lancaster Train and Bus Station, situated on the most northern outskirts of the town at 53 East McGovern Avenue. Pennsylvanians, with connections between Pittsburgh and New York via Philadelphia, as well as the Keystone Services, which run from Harrisburg to New York via Philadelphia, both served Lancaster.

52 ] The Lancaster Airport, which is 10 km northern of the inner centre and 10 km southern of Lititz, serves the town. The Lancaster is also a motor transportation junction, with many main roads leading through or around the town, as well as US-30, US-222, PA-283, PA-72 and PA-272. Lancaster's many emblems are important for Lancaster's regional, state and nationwide heritage.

The Fulton Opera House - the oldest continuously operating theatre in the United States, is one of three theatres known as National Historic Landmarks (the others are the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia and the Goldenrod Showboat in St. Louis, Missouri). The Lancaster Arts Hotel - Constructed in 1881, this was the Falk and Rosenbaum Tobacco Store.

Following the refurbishment, the store was re-opened in October 2006 as the first art shop in Lancaster. The Lancaster County Prison - constructed in 1849, it was designed after the Lancaster Castle in England. It' called after William Walton Griest, a former Pennsylvanian agent. It'?s the second highest in town.

The Lancaster town has a flourishing arts scene. The Gallery is located on the 100 square meter building of North Prince St. and offers a large selection of fine arts venues, and the town itself has over 40 gallery and artist ateliers. Finished in 2007, the Lancaster County Museum of Quilts and Textiles commemorates the arts of hand-sewn qilts and other textiles made by ethnic and Mennonite Amish womanhoods.

Lancaster's Mennonite Historical Society Museum and Heritage Center Museum show artefacts and interprete the region's singularity. Also known as the Children's Museum of Lancaster, Hands-on House offers kids a hands-on approach to pedagogical education. The Louise Arnold Tanger Arboretum and the North Museum of Natural history and science are on show for those interested in natural and geological phenomena.

Lancaster County's Landis Valley Museum in Manheim Township has items that reflect the country's historical and cultural heritage, particularly as the centre of Amish and Mennonite ethnicalism. Lancaster Symphony Orchestra has performed since 1947.

Millersville University' s Ware Center and Lancaster Bible College' Trust Performing Arts Center offer regular opportunities for performing arts, concert and theatre. The Tellus360 and the Chameleon Club are great locations for events and rocks in town. Amish Outlaws is a local Lancaster group. Barnstormers had their first 2005 seasons and filled Lancaster's 44-year-old without pro ball since the death of the Red Roses.

Van Lancaster is the home town of Major League baseball graduate Tom Herr. Playing for the Philadelphia Phillies, the New York Mets and the San Francisco Giants, he ended his St. Louis Cardinals carrier. In the first seasons he also led the Lancaster Barnstormers. Since 1992, the town of Lancaster has organized the Tom Bamford Lancaster Classic, an annual June cycle race, a worldwide cycling competition.

A graduate of Manheim Township High School, situated in the immediate suburbs of Manheim Township. In the 2008 women's soccer Bundesliga the Lancaster Inferno was added. Inferno is a Pennsylvania Classics organisation and hosts home matches at Hempfield High School in Landisville.

Lancaster Red Roses of the Eastern Professional Baseball League are the best-known of Lancaster's non-existent team. From 1896 to 1899 the red roses were referred to as "Lancaster Maroons" and in 1932 as "Lancaster Red Sox". Lancaster Red Roses" was also the name of a French French franchise in the Continental Basketball Association (then the Eastern Professional League) from 1946 to 1949 and from 1953 to 1955.

Later, from 1981 to 1985, the CBA organized another Lancaster crew named Lancaster Lightning. Lancaster's last pro hockey club to call home was Liberty, who in 2009 was a member of the now non-existent Global Professionals League. Hamilton Electric 500, the first battery-powered timepiece, was launched by Hamilton watch company in 1957.

The Easter pastry in the form of Easter biscuits with golden sugars, named Peps, was created by the Rodda Candy Company of Lancaster in the 1920'. Rodda was bought in 1953 by Sam Born, the inventor of "Jimmies", the Russians immigrants, and the company relocated to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The Catholic High School Lancaster has a long tradition in the region; it was established in 1926.

Lancaster Country Day is one of the biggest non-sectarian autonomous educational institutions in the area, with more than 500 enrolled people. Established in 1908 as the Shippen School for Girls, the Shippen Schule became co-educational and moved from Lancaster city centre to its Hamilton Road location in 1949. This is the only Lancaster Country Charters Academy open to all resident Lancaster county schoolchildren.

The Manheim Township Schools District is a four-year Lancaster-Gymnasium. Lancaster Cityc was appointed the best town in the nation as a schoolmaster on 13 May 2015 by GoodCall. Lancaster Gebiet beherbergt mehrere College und Universitäten, darunter Consolidated Schools of Business, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster General College of Nursing & Health Sciences, Lancaster Theological Seminary, Lancaster Bible College, Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, Millersville University of Pennsylvania, Central Pennsylvania College et das Harrisburg Area Community College.

The Lancaster is part of the Harrisburg-Lancaster-York area. Besides WGAL and TeleCentro TV, the town is also serviced by CBS/MyNetworkTV/CW subsidiary WHP-TV 21, ABC subsidiary WHTM-TV 27, PBS member broadcaster WITF-TV 33 and Fox subsidiary WPMT 43. Companies located near Lancaster are Armstrong World Industries, Auntie Anne's, Fulton Bank, Fulton Financial Corporation, Herley Industries, Isaac's Restaurant & Deli, Kunzler & Company, Inc.

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