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SA, Haldeman KM, Ely H, et al: Application of portable dermatology for the prevention of dermatological cancers.

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Lamella bodies count: A consent on the minutes. - Publications

Laminar objects, concentric layers of phospholipids, which constitute the memory type of the tenside, can be countered in the thrombocyte canal of most electronical cytometers. Lammellar biopsy has been used for more than a decennium and, like conventional phospholipids analyses, serves as an assessment tool for assessing foetal pulmonary saturation.

This method is preferred to phospholipids because it is fast, impartial, cost-effective and can be carried out in any clinical labor. Present methods of sample pretreatment differ greatly from lab to lab, especially with regard to centrifuge, which leads to variations in the maturities used. It was our aim to reach a common understanding on a standardised method for lamella counting.

Organizations that had previously publicized their results with laminar tensograms were asked to do so. There is a unanimous agreement among the four involved institutions: centrifuge is not a necessary stage and should be discontinued, ripeness is proposed by a number of 50,000/microL or more and immature by a number of 15,000/microL or less.

Considering that the laminar counts are established as the main test for the assessment of foetal pulmonary ripeness, the test must be carried out consistently and precisely, taking into account the effects of a false negatives test resulting from an mismethodology.

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