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HANDMADE CUES FROM MIKE LAMBROS. You' re probably already familiar with the reputation of Lambros Queues, so I won't spend much time telling you how well this cue beats. I'd contact Martin at Superior Cues. Lampro's Custom Cues Inc. in Baltimore, MD.

The LAMBROS CUES, INC. pool cue model and pricing information.

You' re probably already familiar with the good name of Lambros Queues, so I won't waste much of my precious little to tell you how well this queue does.

You' re probably already familiar with the good name of Lambros Queues, so I won't waste much of my precious little to tell you how well this queue does. It is a queue of elder wood and acer, with an elder wood stump and six elder wood tips (three long, three short), which merge into a pickled acernnose.

There is a line wrapping in dark brown with spotted lines and dual nickelsilver ring on the buttplate, above and below the wrapping, on the hinge and on the ring collar of the crimp. Again, I won't try to describe the Lambros Super Join, but for anyone who doesn't know it, note the appropriate male/female chamfers on the hinge and the waves.

It looks like a 3/8X10, but looks a little different, so it could be one of Lambros made for its poles. Two 13mm shanks with LBM end sleeves and stratified points are supplied. LAMBRO's cues can be hard to come by, and I haven't seen many in the aftermarketplace.

Lambro's cues

{\*Mike still makes cues. }Mike still makes cues. ikes is a great man to work with, but there are a few things to consider: After all this he is deep into his cues and a perfectist. It' s processing is sensational and the connection and design of the queue is not a promotional fuzz that they really make more soundly than other cues.


CUES OF LAMBROS, INCL. Billiard cue manufacturer from 1990 until today in Baltimore, Maryland. At the end of the 1980' Mike Lambros was a succesful engineerin. And he was also an enthusiastic swimmingpool-players. He was unhappy with the cues available and felt that he could make better cues than what he could buy.

He undertook in 1990 to use his art of engeneering for the development of Lambros Cues. Cues of the first year can be recognized by the letter "ML" for Mike Lambros on the Delrin hat. The cues from 1991 until today will bear the name "Lambros".

Mike began to make the dots much longer in 1995 and modified the size of the butterscap. Queues from 1990 to 1995 have points normally within 2 1/2 inches of the hinge neck and have a 1 1/4 inch. The Delrin hat. Queues from the years 1995 to 1999 have 10 inch points, which lie within 1 inch of the hinge neck and have 1 1/2 inch.

The Delrin hat. Since 1999 until today all cues have the longer points, but have a 5/8 inch phenol canopy. The cues are all playable and the slogan of Lambros Cues is "The Hit". The cues are produced according to the customer's designs and specification and Mike makes less than 200 cues per year.

Mike launched a new common and patented in 1998, the Ultra-Joint, in the 1996 sommer. A 3/8-10 hinge bolt with an innovating new tapered surface on the stem that connects to a convex surface on the stem. It is now the default hinge for all cues.

Lambro's queues are warranted for an indefinite period of time against production errors that cannot be attributed to misuse. For a Lambros Queue that needs further identifying or repairing, or to discuss with Mike the layout and specification you need for a customized queue, please email Lambros Cues Inc.

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