Lambi Kyun

Olomouc Kyun

Phuket and Mergui Seven Nights Cruise Float with tortoises and mantras, watch out for apes, boar and stags on the bigger islets or just unwind and savour the pristine nature of these pristine islets. As soon as you are on board, sit in your cabins, unwind on the sun deck or take in some of the water sports before we start sailing to Myanmar for an all-nighter. Toss your anchors for the evening and take the boat to a lonely near shore where your boat crews have camped on the shore and are prepared to offer dinners and beverages under the moon. Visit Lambi Kyun, a thickly wooded isle, which provides great opportunity to see the indigenous wildlife and the great opportunity to see barque deers!

On the next morning we sails to Kyun Pila, an insular haven with dense rain forest and loud Hornbill. Canoe some of the many remote coves or just chill out on your own personal sandy beaches while the team prepares a barbecue-luncheon. Cruise to MacLeod lsland and go on land to discover some of the rain forest paths that have been placed over the isle.

Known for its superb bird watching and rich flora, Macleod's ascent to the island's highest summit provides stunning scenic vistas. Seakayak the coastline caverns and mangrove or swim between Barrakuda and Tevally while the boat crews pitch their camps on the shore to the Zadetkalay Islands, where you can enjoy a rest in the crystalline water and relax on abandoned sandy shores.

Myanmar (Burma), Lanbi Kyun Islands

Shores and seabed: sandy, rocks. There are no hostels on the isle. Accommodation is in the city of Ranong, Thailand. If so, take a trip around the archipelago in any of our agencies. Myanmar's south isles have good year round with the exception of two rain seasons in September and October.

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