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Making the Macarena: 15 paces (with pictures)

Macarena is a kind of EspaƱol dancing to the Los Del Rio tune "Macarena". In order to do the Macarena, you must study the fundamental order of steps. As soon as you have done that, you can work on relaxing your bodies and giving the dancing some atmosphere. Be sure you have something to listen to so you can move to the track!

Take your hands in front of you one by one. First your right and then your lefthand. You should have your hands pointing down. Tilt the hands up one by one. First, turn the right hand upwards, then the right hand upwards. Turn your lowerearms outwards to raise your hands.

Put your right one on your elbow. Put your right palm on your right side. Crucify the right side of your right wrist on your breast. The palm of both your fingers should lie on your back. Place your fingers one after the other on the back of your skull. Begin by pushing your right wrist out from under your lefthand on your breast.

Put your right-handed thumb up and around the back of your skull. Then, put your right on the back of your skull. It is OK if the right is overlapping the right one. Put your palms down to your waist one by one. First, take your right arm to the lefthand part.

Then, take your right arm to the right waist. Slide your right-handed ( "currently" on your lefthand hip) to your right-high. Then, move your right-handed ( "currently on your right hip") to your right-high. Bounce and turn your bodies 90 degree to the south. Every timeyou end the elementary dancing scene, skip and turn 90 degree to the north.

Slap your hand and replay the scene. If you end the series of steps again, skip and turn 90 degree to the south. Playing the track "Macarena. "The Macarena is always dances to "Macarena". "Originally from Los Del Rio, but you can always follow it!

It' not part of the real ballroom but it will keep you from looking rigid as you walk. There is a short introduction to the track before the text starts. Take advantage of this period to loosen your bodies for the dances. Begin dancin' when the words in the track begin.

Keep in mind that you first extend your right and then your lefthand arms with your palm down. Do not forget to turn 90 degree after each series. You' re supposed to turn on the bounce after you've turned your thighs. When you have turned, slap your hand and follow the steps again. You keep dancein' till the song's over.

Perform the steps, skip and turn and try again! How can I buy the Macarena Tracks CD, and is the Macarena Dancing good for the older population? Macarena is a funny dancing for older persons or persons with problems of movement, who nevertheless want to take part in a group dancing.

You can buy the song ("Macarena" from Los Del Rio) wherever you sell your tracks legaly. They can make a "dive" in which they keep their noses and their other hands come down and move like a drag. Does the crowd get sleepy when they make the Maccarena? but it' not a strenuous one.

For the Macarena, take your hands one at a stretch, with your hands down, beginning with your right-handed. Rotate your palm up one by one, then crucify your right arm over your right hand over your other.

Place your right arm on the back of your neck, then your right arm on your right waist, then your right arm on your right one. Slide your right-handed thumb onto your right waist and your left-hand thumb onto your lefthand waist, then move your knees three circles, leap and turn your torso 90 degree to the south.

Gossip and replay the scene.

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