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Lakeba Group is a start-up studio or reverse incubator based in Manly, Australia. Seeba | About us Fifteen years of management expertise in managing worldwide softwares ventures. He is a pioneer in the commercialization of innovations and a production businessman. Previously, he was the head behind a premier cloud-based IT firm. An enterpriser with more than 13 years of IT expertise, interested in developing enterprise applications, big data and R&D work.

Thirty years of juridical and business expertise, as well as working as a freelance consultant, trainer, coach as well as tutor for various early phase approaches. More than 20 years of expertise in the areas of lead & design, innovate & transform and client experiences & collaborative technology across APAC. He is a succesful visual artist with a wealth of experiences in various technology and the managment of large team.

Successfull chance managers with management expertise in strategical project management. Four years of creative strategy and production director of 360 videos for VR and AR. A full immersing experienced professional with a truly imaginative spirit. He is a senior accountant with attention to detail, business skills and creative thinking that contributes to the company's overall business performance.

Drawing on broad expertise in public relations, sales and distribution, the company is able to build up all facets of the economic environment. Developers with programming and system development expertise for various multinational organizations.

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And I think that the business is very innovating and caring about its own product. And I think they have good pay and a welcoming environment. Nice managment. However, this is necessary because it is a start-up. Start modus. This is an imaginative enterprise that is investing in the growth of new talents.

This is the right place for you if you want to study and make a successful future. Friendliness and flexibility in leadership and staff. A low payroll, typically start-up structure and no process. Requires people/ cultural managements. First-rate executives have to rely on their people. Help the planet by innovating and take good care of your people.

Companies that respect their staff always reach the highest level.

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Lakeba Group, founded in 2013, is an incumbent innovation; a forward-looking technological company with an advanced trading ecosystem for the creation, deployment and scalability of annoying predictive technologies such as AI, MDR and blockchain. With its headquarters in Sydney, Australia, the Lakeba Group has a worldwide staff of over 150 employees with branches in Italy, India, the USA and Great Britain.

Lakeba Group is identifying opportunity and solving issues with scaleable platform that are quickly commercialized to change industry and increase value for companies and municipalities around the world. There are a number of projects resulting from our Conceive, Create, Commercialise models, among them Shelfie, 360dgrees, Ezidox, Quixxi, Paid By Coins, Venturo, Prophetico and Blockchain Against Fraud (BAF).

When designing and working with our customers on very unique commercial and operative issues, we live from the creativity to discover the many issues and then invest our own resources and research to design the right answers. As soon as we have broken through the design for the technological approach, we return to the customer and work with him to put it into practice in his company.

As a result of this degree of partnering, we want the sucess of the project as much as the organization for which we develop these tools. It also gives us the scaling to apply this functionality to other sectors in other marketplaces. As we enter the commercialization stage, this is an important confirmation of our innovative strength and our capacity to scales the underlying technologies.

Once a new approach has been fully validated and proved to be technically valid and economically viable, a new business is established and added to Lakeba Ventures' product family. Lakeba's newly formed startup portfolios are transaction business managed by an expert executive and industrial entrepreneur group. Lakeba recently started the Future Hub in July 2018.

Lakeba's Future Hub, as part of the Conceive formula, is a pioneering business unit managed by the Lakeba Group with a strong emphasis on block chain, bringing together experts and global industry leader in the fields of technologies, law, learning and taxation, such as Microsoft, Macquarie University, Piper Alderman and Grant Thornton.

Combined with Lakeba's time-tested commercialization capabilities, Future Hub is able to address the most challenging issues in all sectors by developing and implementing new technological solution.

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