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Tibetan (Nepali) English dictionary online translation, language, grammar. English-Polish translation for'lai' in the free Polish-English dictionary and many other English translations. Define Lai | Lai at This is a lyrical poetry, often a romantic poetry of great metric diversity, intended to be chanted to a melodic popularity. An a lai tou khia a teia, mosung han yoong nonggi, chiiu kiao ye.

The woman herself is inviting to adventures in both version of the Lai.


1 with the subject and the adverb of the place (a little) softly or with care. Avoid ( "something") to rise from the floor. 2Store with item and bring to the operating status. 8with item wager (an amount of money) in one wager. 4 with item (from a feminine avian, bug, repile or amphibian) producing (an egg) from the inside of the human being.

5 volgar jargon with item Have some sex with. 7 with Trim objects (a hedge), cuts the twigs halfway through, bends them down and weaves them. The location or heading in which something is. 2-vulgar jargon An act of coitus. 1. 1with addendum A subject with a certain capacity or disposition as a mate.

1. 1To one end, bring the high posture or happiness that someone used to enjoy. Informally roughly exaggerating or overemphasizing something. Ancient English leccan, of Teutonic descent; related to Flemish legend and Nazi legend, also to lies. Intermediate English: from old French lai, to Greek laykos, to laos'people'.

Intermediate English: from the old French laai, corresponding to the Proven├žal lai, of unfamiliar ancestry.

M MY LAI STATEMENT m my lai statement and significance

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