Lai Bible Iphone

Bible Lai Iphone

Lazienghou (ZOMI) - Get the free Bible application. Get it now or view it on-line. The Zo - Zou Bible

It is found mainly in the Chandel and Churachandpur counties of Manipur and the Myanmar area. You are a member of the Tibeto Burman group. Zomis have seen two important publishing activities of the Bible Society of India in their own languages, the New Testament was released in 1981 and the entire Zou Bible CL was released in 1992.


Biblical iPhone cu " PocketSword " a si translator. Get Apple Store ah for free at tutah kHzhawh a si. "PocketSword " kung ah KJV (KING JAMES Bible) lawsng ai teel i Lai Bible le Burmese Bible re ll a kuhmi cap a tanga borrow ing tah down tah uah kHzhawh a si. Connecting wirelessly cu computer le iPhone he otlaihnak an msg. Lai Computer files computer gungah downlaod to tua hmaza lai. PoPocketSword iphone store (iPhone store a um chungah) ah downlaod uahhmaza. Run PocketSword application on your computer click on it. Well, chew km/h Huah a tanleiriangkam i a um mi "More" kahhmehmiak. "More. " More, I'a um mi, "Preferences" But...?

"More" in pi liah kirthan act "Downloads" imehmehpiak. "Downloading " order your way around, a sec musici ina culhmi, file caunak kha kmehpiak. "Module Maintainer Mode" Zawnka Himehpiak. The cunglia is an ummi IP adress that is quinchiah is. 10. Computers and Safari (asiloah) Chromium chain, legal addresses are available a few, a few, a cunglei to Chinese, a few, a chinchiah with IP adress.

"Choose File" wha ha humt lax file downloaded to rak tua cami " Lai" wha thimpia. "Submit " na um lai Hakha (Lai Hakha)" um lai. Well iPhone ah kalthan bill "Done" na wmehpiak i hhnuah a wanglei, weihlei wiang i a ummi kh a "Bible" is.

The KJV is my name. Aunglei bank in "Lai Bible" cu na telephone choungah aa rlkho one.

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