Lai Bible

May Bible

: biakam hlun le biakam thar... Lai Nifatin bible i hrawm tti nak. And, according to him, Gabba?

i, Sal?lai, nine hundred and twenty-eight.

How does the Bible say about Lai?

Paul, a minister of Jesus Christ, calling us to be an apostles who, for the good news of God, which he had previously pledged through his prophesies in the Sacred Scripture, about his Son, who comes from David after the Incarnate and was proclaimed the Son of God in might by his risen from the dead, Jesus Christ, our Lord, through whom we have obtained mercy and apostolic ministry, to make obey the Lord for His name's name' among all peoples....

Jesus Christ's manifestation, which God gave him to show his ministers what must soon happen. It was made known by him, who sent his own little angels to his butler John, who testified to the words of God and the testimonies of Jesus Christ, even to everything he saw.

Mercy and tranquillity from him who is and who was and who will come, and from the seven Spirits who stand before his throne, and from Jesus Christ, the loyal testimony, the first-born of the deceased and sovereign of the kingdoms on earth. He is Simeon Peter, a minister and disciple of Jesus Christ, to those who have received an equitable belief through the justice of our God and Savior Jesus Christ:

Let mercy and tranquillity multiply in the cognition of God and of Jesus our Lord. He has given us everything that concerns our lives and piety, through the realization of Him who has invoked us to His own splendour and excellency, through which He has given us His valuable and very great prophecies, so that through them you may become partners in the heavenly character, after you have gotten out of the depravity that is in the realm of Sin.

Therefore, try to complement your beliefs with virtues and virtues with wisdom.... Because the reward of the sins is deaths, but the free present of God is everlasting living in Christ Jesus our Lord. "God so much did love the earth that He gave His only Son that whoever believed in Him would not be lost but would have everlasting survival.

Because God did not sent His Son into the earth to judge the earth, but to save the earth through Him. Because from the core come bad thoughts, homicide, fornication, unethical sex, thievery, wrong testimony, defamation. He who exhales a lie will not get away.

Liar lines are anathema to the Lord, but those who are faithful are His joy. When Saul died and David had come back from an attack on the Amalekites, he stayed in Ziklag for two of them. "And he said: "The nation has escaped from the fight, and many of them are slain and killed, and Saul and Jonathan his sons are also slain.

" David said to the young man who said to him, "How do you know that Saul and his Jonathan sons are gone? "Thou shalt not testify falsely against thy neighbour.

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