It is the capital of Morobe province and the second largest city in Papua New Guinea. Study abroad with free advice from LAE. bc/cp="mw-headline" id="History">Geschichte[edit]>> East-New Guinea came under UK rule (Australia) after the First World War and many of the Teutonic nicknames were superseded by either native or native German. St. Mary Catholic Church, Top City, Lae.

after the Japanese lost, lifted the Australia banner. On March 31, 1931, at the peak of the golden rush[12], Lae was proclaimed a city under the New Guinea Border Ordinance and Lae became a model for New Guinea cities constructed around airfields.

In 1937, when the volcano eruption took place in Rabaul, it was decided to move the New Guinea territory to Lae. Lae, Rabaul and Salamaua became the most important Japan-based base in New Guinea. For the Bismarck sea battle of March 1943[13] the battle was waged for the Japanes try to strengthen Lae with Rabaul forces, an attempted thwarted by a continuing ally assault on the Japanes transportation of forces.

By mid-1943, after losing the Kokoda Track battle, the Battle of Buna-Gona and the Battle of Wau, the Japanese withdrew to Lae and Salamaua. The Australian colonial administration founded the first duly formed self-government of the municipality of Lae in 1971 and in 1972 Lae was declared a municipality. Lunaman Mountain is 96 meters high and has a wireless lighthouse at the highest point, which is indicated by stationary traffic light to facilitate navigating.

20 ] At the foot of Mount Lunaman on the southeast and southwest face are the outskirts of Voco Point and Chinatown. Patios are west of Mount Lunaman. Lunaman Mountain was an important milestone for both the Allies and the Japanese: In the aftermath of the Napoleonic invasion, it was thought that Mount Lunaman held the remnants of many of Lae's troops defending them through tunnels: in Mt Lunaman.

The grave, which was thought to contain the body of several hundred Lae defense lawyers, was purchased by two Southern Australians for 1lb. It is located under Mount Lunaman, which is supposed to accommodate a clinic, and when the Japans in 1943 declined to join the 7th and ninth century Australia forces in tunnel.

In an NHK conversation with the Lae Army Commandant of Japan in 1971, he explained that the tunnel on the mound was used only for warehousing and that the army had used the Lutheran Malahang Hospital about 10 km just North of town. The temperature in the cities fluctuates only slightly during a normal year, with average January temperature around 28°C (82°F) and July average 25°C (77°F).

Lae War Graveyard was founded in 1944 and is situated next to the Botanical Garden in the centre of the town. In the graveyard are the remnants of over 2,800 troops, many of whom were killed during the Salamaua-Lae campaigns, but also those who were held in prison on the island in Japan.

The Angau General Hospitals is situated in the centre of Lae area next to the old airfield of Lae. This is a major transfer clinic for the general province of Morobe and the other counties, which are linked by roads. The Nadzab Airport is 56 kilometers outside of Lae City, along the Highlands Highway, directly on the Markham River.

Public bus service to and from the town, in additional accompanied, secure transfer to the town is available. The routes served by Air Niugini, Airlines of Papua New Guinea (also known as "Airlines PNG") and Travel Air "Mangi lo Ples" are Port Moresby-Lae. The Lae International Hospital has a good development state.

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