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LABRADRADOR Airways Limited: Personal company information

LABRAORDOR Airways Limited, which is active as ACL, provides scheduled and scheduled freight and passengers transport in Canada. The company also provides charters and airplane servicing. Formerly known as Newfoundland Airways Ltd., Labrador Airways made a name change to Labrador Airways Limited in 2009. LABRADRADOR Airways Limited is a wholly owned affiliate of the Pike Group of Companies.

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LABRAORDOR AIRWAYS Limited is a local carrier established in 1948 as Newfoundland Airways and has been active in Goose Bay as Air Labrador since 1983. From its Goose Bay Airport base, the carrier offers air travel, charters and cargo to 24 locations such as Hopedale, Quebec, Makkovik, Postville, Williams Harbour and more.

Nunatsiavut's government holds 51% of the Air Labrador stock. The Air Labrador offers all travellers the best in-flight comfort. The most important service for our customers are extravagant food, purchases on the boat, etc. Performance may differ from cab to cab.

I went down with the ship": 44-year -old Labrador driver puts on helmet

Captain Lester Powell flown his last run on June 16 after flying more than 45,000 flying lessons as a driver. A Labrador driver ended a 44-year stint at Air Labrador on the same date that Nunatsiavut Group of Companies, Innu Development Limited Partnership and PAL Airlines released a new carrier, Air Borealis, which operates services to Labrador on the coast.

Powells' daugther, Cartwright-L'Anse au Clair MHA Lisa Dempster, welcomed him to the Air Labrador Hanger with hot air balloons plus a glass of bubbly to mark the mile. Commenting on having left his 44-year long flight record, Powell is bitterly sweet and adds that it is sorry to see Air Labrador go. Mr Dempster said her dad always dreamt of getting the post he had received by sea in Charlottetown on the southern shore of Labrador.

Powell trained as a driver before joining Labrador Airways, a forerunner of Air Labrador. A Cessna 180 to take first-class post from Nain to Henley Harbour. Dempster, as an airline company, said that six of her seven brother became airmen because their dad was such an ace.

He flew more than 36,000 hrs on the Twin Otter alone and made more than a thousand Madevac trips during his 44-year long carrier. It is not uncommon, Dempster said, to see three airplanes in the port of Charlottetown on the ices flew by their brethren in the 1970'. As many of Powell's fellow workers were moving to larger aircraft, Dempster said her dad was pleased "to scan the skies of the Great Land sky".

During the first few aeroplanes, Powell says, without navigation gear like GPS, which have newer aircraft, it could be hard to fly. "If you have flew in so much air - and often without instruments and the like - and you can put up your earpiece and still be here and be sure, it's definitely something to celebrate," said Dempster.

Prior to building dirt tracks, Powell flew to isolated villages using swimmers on the sea or skies on the snow, and remembered how flares were used to illuminate icy tracks at nights so he could touch down. She said her dad had crossed the line to get into a community where "people's life was at stake" when there was an incident or someone was about to have a newborn.

A fire engine flooded Powell and another driver, Romain Butler, who also withdrew from Air Labrador, before he left the runway at Goose Bay Aiport. "We' had many good years, a really good run," said Powell. Drenching and dusting his eyeglasses, Powell said he did not anticipate getting the solemn spray-down as he welcomed hearty handshake and embraces on the occassion of his retire.

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