The medical definition of unstable: slightly or frequently changing: as: slightly or continuously in chemical, physical or biological modification or degradation. an unstable antigen. Unstable blood pressure, for example, is a blood pressure that increases and decreases abnormally frequently. Some drugs can be conjugated to polymer molecules with a low pH labile bond to effect controlled release in a cellular endosome. Unstable affect is also known as pseudobulbar affect, emotional incontinence or involuntary emotional expression disorder (IEED).

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our most unstable words of the moment were 26.07.2013. However, cancer is both heterogenous and unstable; elsewhere in the tumor and later in the course of a tumor it can look different. Yes, both Mr. Spector and Ms. Hall are energetic, smart and emotionally unstable. The sample phrases are chosen from various on-line message resources to show the actual use of the term "unstable".

We' re sure that despite his Ă©tymology, you won't make any mistakes in your work. It is derived from the French into English and can be reduced to the Roman verse labor, which means "slide or fall". Indeed, the first feeling of instability in English was "prone to slipping, lunacy or misdemeanour", but this use is now outdated.

The other Labis in English are collaps, decay, prolaps and simple decay. Why did you want to look unstable?


suitable or likely to modify. This is a connection that is able to alter its state or become inert when exposed to the sun or sun. We' re like the unstable chemicals: our molecule easily rearranges itself. The unstable opsonines of the regular series have a relatively general effect on various living beings. adj.

Always changing or likely, as a chemically active substance; instable. Edited by the Houghton Mifflin Company.

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Derived from the late nouns: Fribourg, Romagna, l?bilis from" ATT to slips, transient", from Fribourg, from" slips; glides, flows". To slide, to be mistaken, to fall or to renounce. II.12: Pythagoras[said] that every thing or material was ever sliding and unstable. Conjugation of certain medications to low pH unstable bond polymeric molecule to effect regulated delivery in a cytosome.

Translated from Latino by: Fribourg, from the following languages: Fribourg, Romagna, l?bilis from" Atlantis " ("apt to slips, transient"), from cf. info.

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