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Ceiba is a port city on the north coast of Honduras in Central America. This is the venue for the annual festival in May and is used throughout the year as a stopover on the way to the islands of Roatan and Utila. Discover the holidays of La Ceiba and discover the best times and places to visit. Big savings on hotels in La Ceiba, Honduras online. Departures to La Ceiba from airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, United, JetBlue, Frontier and others.


Ceiba, town, north of Honduras. Situated in the Gulf of Honduras, in a luxuriant, warm basin at the base of Monte Bonito, 2,435 metres high. In addition to bandanas, the portwine processes pineapple, lemon fruit, coir nuts, Abacá fibres, seafood, meats, coffee and wood.

The Standard Honduras company, a wholly owned US affiliate of Dole Food Company, which runs large inland orchards of bananas, fruits and coconuts, is located in the town. The Ceiba is also an industry town. There is also the world's biggest facility for the production of bananas chips and purees, a large factory for the production of oils, plants for the production of palms oils, flour milling, a sawmill, a brewery, a tannery and a vineyard.

During the 1970s La Ceiba became an important point of passage for visitors to the Bay Islands. It is connected to the other harbours of the region and to the Aguán River basin by rail and motorway and has an important regional railway and motorway network as well as an important regional railway station. Hurricane Mitch seriously affected La Ceiba in October 1998, but significant improvements have been made in remedying the damages and the harbour is operational again.

Miscellaneous Information

La Ceiba Gráfica is an art centre in a beautifully renovated sixteenth centuries Hacienda that specialises in the study of the production and study of ancient graphics. This centre specialises in lithographic stonework with Mexico marble, Japan woodcuts and metallic etchings. Several of Mexico's greatest live performers, such as José Luis Cuevas, have created prints in our city.

Introducing La Ceiba Gráfica, artists from all over the globe are invited to live in an atmosphere where arts, nature and tradition meet. The occupants live in one of our seven large and light rooms with doubles or doubles dating from 1910, with plain, beautiful furnishings and decorations.

There is a large, fully fitted colonial-style galley for the inhabitants to use for cooking and a primary supply of groceries. On working days, a brush lunch is organised for all employees and occupants. Educational (permanent course included) and manufacturing residences, all inclusive accomodation and 24-hour garage use.

We specialise in printing technique such as printing lithographs over Mexico, engraving metals and moku hanga (Japanese woodcut). Our classes are held every year on a regular basis. There is also a course in bindery that focuses on Renaissance technique with handmade tooling in our joinery. Inhabitants who wish to remain longer than one consecutive calendar year have another option, referred to as long-term residence, which can be reserved for up to 6 consecutive years.

There is an independant flat with its own galley and private bath, which is available for those who wish to create their own projects with prints or other art forms. Among our work opportunities is an experiential laptop shop with 2 small press units for novices and insiders as well as for some painters who wish to express and evolve their technique with our own plates of stone and local drawings: lithograph pens, lead pens and ink.

Large commercial lithographic print shop running our Master Printer with a choice of 2 machines: an off-set machine perfect for colour litho, and a large wood stone machine up to 125 x 93 cm for artist and local resident who want to print large format work. There is a fully equiped seperate studio for all conventional metallic print technologies as well as linoleum and woodcuts.

In addition, there is a one-of-a-kind moku hanga class for research and instruction in this ancient woodcut tradition. Gráfica La Ceiba also has large studios for paintings and sculptures, among them a low-temperature ceramic oven. Inhabitants can also do their own work in other areas, e.g. photographing or creatively typing.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to La Ceiba Gráfica. There is room for up to 14 persons simultaneously in La Ceiba when sharing rooms or coming with a partner. When an artist produces an editions at La Ceiba, a copy is kept for the archives of center´s From Houston, USA, there are either directly scheduled connections to Veracruz Capital Airports, or from Mexico City to all major cities.

As an alternative, on the way to Mexico City, there are 4.5 hour buses from the Taapo train stop to Jalapa. Jalapa is easily accessible by public transport from La Ceiba Gráfica by coach or cab. Travelling by auto from Mexico City, take the motorway to Puebla. The next street on your right is a paved street, over the footbridge, two block down and you will see La Ceiba Gráfica in front of you.

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