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KYUUSU 1312 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129 I was there with my folks last evening and I was definitely struck by the meal and the caterer. Eating was not oily or difficult. We' had the lettuce, the choayote square speedura, green mustards, green vegetables and seafood. I' m a veggie, so I can't talk about fishing curries, but my whole household was into it.

Took off for a luncheon get-together. A full place, but not too noisy for a professional outing. The 4 lunches we had were great and the services were excellent. GrĂ¼nteesalat is a must and the goats casserole was one of my favorites. There were also two very different kinds of seafood and the flavour chickens.

Myanmar beers go well with this meal. Tealeaf lettuce was one of a kind and I liked it. There was a wide selection of dishes to serve to our large dining room, with goats included, and all were well-received.

Beautiful - Review by Kyusu Myanmar Ristorante, San Jose, CA

In view of the prices, the diversity of extraordinary and high standard flavours in this burmesian eatery it should become a "must try" evening. He' s committed to flavour. There was a sellout of the Myanmar goat that evening. It was very reasonable. I' m giving it 5 because the qualtity of the flavor, beats above its point of priceworth.

Itchu-do' kyusu kettle of grey tea leaves

Lately we have found it easy to find a tea pot of reddish grey in the net. Is it a high grade steel? Casting looks sturdy, but not really. Strength needs a high-quality casting that also has other good sides. There is no need to concern yourself with compromising product qualitiy when you decide on Nambu Tekki!

In the Tohoku region of Japan, Nambu Tekki is a traditionally foundry. There is more to Nambu Tekki than just its traditions. But they have altered their minds because of the good arguments for casting. It is difficult to scrape and break the tea pot. Finally, the inside of the tea pot has an enamelled coating that makes it difficult to get rusty, even if the remaining liquid is left behind.

Unfortunately, there are not many of the Nambu Tekki teapots available on the web, except in Japan. However, you can buy the infused steel tea pot from Itchu-do, one of the renowned Nambu Tekki producers in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture. They produce the contemporary designer tea pot. Such a sweet tea pot that would lighten your dinner menu.

Also see Iwachu Nambu Tekki kyusu!

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