Kyusu Burmese Restaurant San Jose

Burmese Restaurant San Jose

Red Burmese chicken curry with fresh chicken, onions, garlic, ginger, cumin, tomatoes and potatoes. See the reviews of Kyusu Burmese Restaurant in San Jose, CA. Burmese Cuisine Menu - San Jose, CA Restaurant Roasted package of flours stuffed with potato, onions, and herbs. Roasted shan-twofu. Home-made home-made brown home-made potato soup, with a mixture of freshly baked fruits and a sugary sauces.

Fry, home-made peas with onions, leaf onions, curried fruits and lemon, accompanied by tamarindsauce. Choyote tempera with Tamarindsauce.

Peanut and peanut-tomato sauce with onions, tomatoes, cloves, garlic and peanut. Lettuce of beans. Cooked beans, grilled onions, garlicks, and squashed groundnuts. Peas sprouts blended with tomatoes, onions, mashed groundnuts and olive butter. Home-made chickpeas and peas soda toffu, serviced with Tamarindenauce, sweetened dressing, chili olive vinegar, squashed peanut and coriander.

Gurken and ginger sallad. It is a mixture of marinated pickles, green Cabbage, roasted French Pearls, groundnuts, high-quality Sesameseeds, high-quality Sesamoil, prawns, roasted Knoblauch and Fishsauce. It is a mixture of marinated tealeaves, roasted coffee-bean, roasted cloves of garden vegetables, roasted potatoes, roasted potatoes, roasted tomatoes, roasted shrimps, roasted tomatoes and green greens or green salads and spicy chillies.

A Burmese reddish chickens crème of chickens, bulbs, garlic, gingers, caraway, tomatoes and potatoes. Pure, crispy, naturally ground hen with curried powders and high-quality lemon seed oils, served with white soya. Fry and throw with home-made sweet-sour gravy, dry chili pieces, coriander and herbs. A Burmese type mild ricotta cream with peas, potatoes, carrots, olives and chayotes or cohlrabi.

Bio veal with onions, cloves of onions, cloves of cloves, chives and chives, thrown with lemon onions. Hen bird. Stewed hen legs and legs with batmati rices, herbs, currants and cashews. A Burmese type goats soup made from all kinds of goats with onions, cloves of goats, onions, cloves of goats, onions, goats and onions.

Roasted, freshly grown tiltapia with a tomato dressing of tomatoes, onions, coriander and clove. Freshly grown tiltapia marinaded with curcuma, fermenting powdered beans, onions, tomatoes, cloves of garden onions, coriander, onions, coriander and grass. Roasted, freshly grown tiltapia with guilroy glic, peppers, fish and coriander. Prawns cooked in marinade with seaweed, curcuma and seafood gravy, roasted with coriander coated seaweed.

Rice-noodles blended with chickens, cucumber, peanut, cucumber, peanut, chilli peanut butter, chilli peanut butter, rice noodles, chilli pepper and coriander. Poultry or pig meat. Pasta in chickensoup, covered with grilled meat of chickens or pigs, prepared with onions, chilli beans and chive beans, prepared with the season' s season' s cooking, squashed groundnuts, onions and coriander.

Shallow pasta with chopped onions, boiled with onions, chili-oils, grated kale, coriander, lime, tama bark and fried celery. Wonderful thick pasta boiled with onions, chili olive and grated herb, coriander, citrus, tamanine bark and fried peas, boiled with almonds.

It has a hard-boiled eggs, roasted peas and coriander. Sumptuous and smooth with pasta and chickens (fresh and natural). Serve with roasted peas, onions, and coriander. A Burmese cooked pie with grains, coir milks, sugars, milk, poppies, almonds and crayfish.

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