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I' d never eaten Burmese food, but I was told it was like a cross between Chinese and Indians, so I was a game. I' ll be there when the food here was typical Burmese! Myanmar food is better than Thai!

Burmese Kyusu Kitchen Supply - 1312 Saratoga Ave San Jose

Rice-noodles blended with chickens, cucumber, peanut, cucumber, peanut, chilli peanut butter, chilli peanut butter, rice noodles, chilli pepper and coriander. Poultry or pig meat. Pasta in chickensoup, covered with grilled meat of chickens or pigs, prepared with onions, chilli beans and chive beans, prepared with the season' s season' s cooking, squashed groundnuts, onions and coriander.

Shallow pasta with chopped onions, boiled with onions, chili-oils, grated kale, coriander, lime, tama bark and fried celery. Wonderful thick pasta boiled with onions, chili olive and grated herb, coriander, citrus, tamanine bark and fried peas, boiled with almonds.

Slice thin pasta in fish broth. It has a hard-boiled eggs, roasted peas and coriander. Sumptuous and smooth with pasta and chickens (fresh and natural). Serve with roasted peas, onions, and coriander.

Myanmar food is better than Thai! - The Kyusu Burmese Ristorante, San Jose, CA

In view of the prices, the diversity of extraordinary and high standard flavours in this Burmese food it should become a "must try" evening. He' s committed to flavour. That Burmese goat was out of stock that time. It was very reasonable. I' m giving it 5 because the qualtity of the flavor, beats above its point of priceworth.

Burmese Great homey eating - Review of Kyusu Burmese restaurants, San Jose, CA

I was there with my folks last evening and I was definitely struck by the meal and the caterer. Eating was not oily or difficult. We' had lettuce, choayote square, green mustards, green vegetables and seafood. It' one of my favourite places in the area.

I' m a veggie, so I can't talk about fishing curries, but my whole household was into it. The 4 lunches we had were great and the services were excellent. I never had a Burmese kitchen and I didn't know what I was missin'. GrĂ¼nteesalat is a must and the goats casserole was one of my favorites.

There were also two very different kinds of seafood and the flavour chickens. Burmese beers go well with this meal. Tealeaf lettuce was one of a kind and I liked it. There was a wide selection of dishes to serve to our large dining room, with goats included, and all were well-received. This is one of the few Burmese option in Southbay.

They like their tealeaf lettu, fried tofu, yam root and mushrooms as well as pasta with vegetable (Kauk Swe Thoke). The whole meal is very tasty and crisp. Like the fact that they put the corn on your desk. Our services are fast. Have you been to the Kyusu Burmese eatery?

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