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Since I was away from home and wanted to try this place when my family came to visit, I longed for Burmese food. Check out the online menu of Kyusu Burmese Cuisine and other restaurants in San Jose, California. Cuisine of Kyusu Burma, restaurants in San Jose. Current Kyusu Burmese Cuisine prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, children's food and more. A visual menu, reviews and information about Kyusu Burmese cuisine, created by local food bloggers and food instagramers.

Kyusu Burmese Cuisine Menus - San Jose

It is a mixture of marinated tealeaves, roasted coffee-bean, roasted cloves of garden vegetables, roasted vegetables, roasted vegetables, roasted tomatoes, roasted shrimps, roasted tomatoes and salad and spicy chillies. A Burmese reddish chickens crème of chickens, onions, clove, tomatoes, onions, tomatoes and onions. Roasted package of flours stuffed with baked onions, tomatoes and herbs.

Roasted lettuce with onions, lettuce, sage and herbs. Sumptuous and smooth with pasta and chickens (fresh and natural). Serve with roasted peas, onions and coriander.

Cuisine of Kyusu Burma - San Jose, CA - Venue

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Burmese Cuisine San Jose CA Awards

Myanmar cooking (formerly known as Burma) is strongly affected by the country's many neighbours, but the resulting cuisines are very different, and Kyusu translated it wonderfully for the San Jose Diners...: Every dish should begin with the lettuce, a mixture of marinated tealeaves, groundnuts, sesame seed, roasted broadbean, and spices (the classic variation with cabbage).

pickle lettuce is similar and not excessive overginger. Curryaroma Hen has little gravy, but the roasted chickens are well flavored. Pasta is also good; a special feature is the Kauk-Sweethoke, a large serving of pasta with chickens, grated herbs and a variety of flavours.

The meals are well spiced without being too hot.

Burmese cuisine

Monaye Win's menus are inspired by his mother's genuine home made ingredients, which contain an interesting mixture of Burmese favourites, local specialities for the state and some home-made specialities. Burmese cooking, although inspired by its neighbours, is a kitchen of its own. Others excellent meals are sait tarchet or goats casserole, and shot buak sweet, a pasta dish with chickens, pig meat, vegetables, groundnuts and cloves.

Kyusu offers a three-course menu for $30 for SVRW.

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