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Mr. Bar B.Q., Yangon (Rangoon): Yangon New City - Xinhua starts implementation in Myanmar this months

YANGON, February 23 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar will begin implementation of part of a Yangon Myothit (New Town) development on the other side of the Yangon River near Kyimyindine Township in southwestern Yangon later this month, according to the Global New Light of Myanmar on Thursday. As the Yangon Metropolitan Development Public Company has commissioned 2,000 Myanmar building contractors to carry out the work.

Yangon new city with a new special economy area will be presented to the provincial council for adoption as a domestic plan for the 2017-18 financial year. It will also include a low-cost residential development for squats and people with problems with their homes.

This new city development is aimed at the growing Yangon area, which now has over 6 million inhabitants. Yangon's Yangon provincial authorities are working on a Yangon New City project on 7,284 ha near the Twanty, Kyimyindine and Seikyi Khanaungtoownships on the other side of the Yangon River, monitoring the realization of the plan to avoid sharp increases in soil price.

The Yangon Region invites business people from abroad to participate in new Yangon region metropolitan developments.

Domestic and international business people are welcome to participate in the new Yangon Zones Investment Concept metropolitan areas, said U Than, who is the Yangon City Investment Committee's co-administrator and a member of the Yangon Region Investment Committee. During the Yangon Investment Forum on May 9, U Than spoke.

Under the new town planning, sub-centres, new cities, train terminals and industry areas will be located. Sub-center activities are scheduled for Mindama Secure CBD, Yankin Sub-centre, Thilawa SEZ Sub-centre, Dagon Myothit Sub-centre and Dagon Seikkan Sub-centre. In the main shopping areas, the shopping center, the congress center, the community services center, the R&D logistic, the IT and IT center, the shopping, retail and tourist centers, a sport center, an entertainment center and an inner harbour will be built.

New urban developments are scheduled for Thilawa New City, Southwest New City (west side of Kyimyindine), Dagon East New City and Dala New City. Next, there will be Yangon Central Trainway station site developments, Kyimyindine Trainway station, Insein Trainway stations, Yegu Trainway stations, Mingaladon Trainway stations and Danyingone Trainway stations, the Emblem stations of the nations, Gateway of CBD, Commerical and Buisness functions accrued stations, transits nodes from the nearby areas and the inter-city terminals stations there.

Under the Yangon Municipal Planning Pathway, 42 major cities with an estimate of $2.6 billion will be prioritized. The main focus is on nine municipal planning schemes, ten refurbishment of key commercial districts and nine soft and managerial schemes. Approximately 885 million US dollars have been earmarked for the 25 municipal planning work.

Other 17 are in the infrastructural developing sectors with projected expenditures of $1,802 billion. "Yangon's mission is to become an internationally prosperous capital, a well-run infrastructural town, a convenient town and a town of good governance," said Than. "Municipal structures include decentralization, which means that the role of the municipal center is distributed among the suburbs.

Yangon region will develop a nationwide roads system and it is also envisaged to expand this to include the port in the south," he said. In addition, business people can participate in the suggested investments, such as the Dagon east modernized Dagon myothit Dagon modernized industry park (east and south), the low-cost and affordably priced residential development in Twantay Township, and the Yangon North Eastern part, for example,

Yangon South West New Town in the Twantay and Kyimyindine districts, the residential buildings of the Dagon Seikkan township workers, the Sagyiwa transportation junction complex in the Mingaladon township and the Dry Ports and ICD complex es in the Ngwepinle and Hlinethaya districts. Around 11 new industry areas will be created outside Yangon Town. As she has the right to experience and communicate her emotions regarding the various initiatives, we have made information available to the population.

As this is so, we will disclose to them in advance," said the Prime Yangon Region Prime Ministers. Yangon region is the economic metropolis that attracts domestic and international investment.

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