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You have three ways to read this newspaper. The Burmese-language state daily newspaper Kyae Mone or Mirror is based in Yangon, Myanmar. KYEMON DAILY (THE MIRROR). Newspaper for the general public, military personnel, business people. These are some words that are associated with Kyemon.

Yangon Kyemon is celebrating 60 years a day

One of the newspaper's founder and experienced journalist attended a celebration in Yangon today to celebrate the sixtieth birthday of the Kyemon newspaper (The Mirror Daily). Spiegel was first established by young people and middle-aged people and is a newspaper that has obviously undergone changes in the Myanmar printed press, said Dr. Pe Myint, Union Minister for Information, in his greetings on the occassion of the sixtieth World War.

Kyemon story, edited by the News and Periodicals Enterprises under the Ministry of Information, was featured in yesterday's Sunday supplement. Said the Kyemon was the first newspaper he ever saw in his childhood. There were many papers back then, and the Kyemon was the most famous and is still the best, with a print run that is more than the combined print run of other papers.

Said he still remember the writings of author Zawana, Kyemon Khine of Sayar Aung Shein and the Sayargyi U Pe Thein comics. They were sent by airplane to Thandwe, where he was living and where Kyemon had the highest number of copies. 1962 the liberty of the media declined and Kyemon became a state newspaper.

Like they say, Kyemon's the newspaper of the goverment, I think it's a question of interpretation. No. In 1963-1964 he believes that the Working People's Daily and Lotha Pyi Thu Nezin were the mouthpieces of the state. But Kyemon and Myanmar Alin of today were established with different motivations, he said.

Indeed, Kyaemon and Myanmar Alin had only become the state journals in the absences of the Working People's Daily and Lotha Pyi Thu Daily. Currently Kyemon and Myanmar Alin are in the possession of the administration and can therefore be described as state documents, but they are not the mouthpiece of the administration.

In spite of the fact that Kyemon is in possession of the administration and reports on the actions of the administration, it is not the vote of the administration. The Kyemon serves as a link between the administration and the general population by exchanging information. Next was a short videoclip about the Kyemon's story.

Cofounders, former Kyemon editorial directors and senior Ministry of Information officers visited the event.....

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