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Find out why you can find links to newspapers and news media in Myanmar. Kyaymon National, Kyaymon Read the free Burmese daily Kyaymon (????

?) from Myanmar: Asia. Kyaymon Newspaper - full-page ad (color). ePaper Today Edition Read Online Free Publishing in Burmese (?????) From Myanmar. Myanma Alinn, The Global New Light of Myanmar.

Burma Library > Reading Room > News - Daily press of the Government of Burma/Myanmar (June 2003 archive) > "The[Global] New Light of Myanmar", "Kyemon" and "Myanmar Alin".

Since some of the initial "The Mirror" ("Kyemon") data is quite large (more than 10MB), we have been reducing it until about 2 years ago with the help of OCRoftware ("Optical Character Recognition"). Since those flattened data may contain fonts or other mistakes, we have also included the initial (and authoritative) data upload.

The OCR'd release, which is generally the main one and ends with at the end of the thread, is a scaled down release, NOT in genuine format, but legible and lasts about 30 seconds to 1min. Blinks: (2) The Alternate, original-quality Burma Library shortcut is slow to load, but the fonts are crisp.

The alternative, pristine release, which does not have a suffixed prefix, includes an extra step because it does not open the file but prompts the user to select the appropriate application. At the moment we just load the originals.

MYANEMAR News Papers Online App - Mobile App Store, SDK, Leaderboards and Advertising Information

The Myanmar News Papers Online application is free for all news reader in India:---------------------------Here you can find all of Myanmar's papers in one app.-In this application you can keep up to date with what's going on around the world.-Here you can find all of Myanmar's important papers through this individual one. No need to open the news on web pages - different categories for current affairs, India, sport, cinema, audio news, top news of the month, Thalaiyangam.

Newscasts and much more from all the important Myanmar newspaper publishers listed below: "Burma News International", "Burma Today", "Democratic Voice of Burma", "Kyaymon", "Mandalay Gazette", "Mizzima News", "Myanmar Alin", "Myanmar Business Today", "Myanmar News". Net ", "Myanmar Times", "New Light of Myanmar", "Seven Days News", "Voice Weekly", "Weekly Eleven", "Yangon Times"; This application contains up to 15+ important local newspapers from Myanmar.

To have your favourite magazine added to this application, please write us an email or let us know in the commentaries below. The application will help the user with a single location for a complete set of papers.

There is no connection whatsoever between this application and any particular news publishing group.

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