The Kyaunggon (?????

??????) is a city in the Ayeyarwady region of southwestern Myanmar. Kyaunggon is the seat of the municipality in the district of Pathein. Kyatunggon (township, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. Explore Kyaunggon, Ayeyarwady, Burma with the help of your friends. Recreational authorities, wellwisher lift umbrella on the old pagoda in Kyaunggon.

The Kyaunggon Archive

Japan-financed two new schools in Kyaunggon Township and one in Hinthada Township were on T.... Japan-financed two new schools in Kyaunggon Township and one in Hinthada Township were opened on Thursday, in Ayayawady region, with the aim of promoting education levels of peasant schoolchildren..... Commemorating the Union's sixty-eight anniversary, a celebration to introduce the introduction of installing photovoltaic lighting....

A welcome sign for the sixty-eight anniversary of Trade Union Day was a start celebration of the start of the installation in the village of Thayetchaung in the village of Kyaunggon, Ayeyawady region, on February 4. In the Mogaung Pariyatti Monastery in Wa.... a ceremonial was performed for mounting an umbrella on the old Mogaung Pagoda.

On February 3, at Mogaung Pariyatti Monastery in Station 1, Kyaunggon, Ayeyawady Region, a parasol raising ceremonies took place on the old Mogaung Pagoda.

The Myanmar Times | Kyaunggon county interviewed

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United Aung Kyaw Naing registered with only 399 voters, while U Ba Ohn won the local office with 1,691 of them. However, the town councillors highlighted the Union Solidarity and Development Parties as the victor. Suspiciously for the result, the agent asked to see the formal rally, and noted that many spotted revisions to the note, according to U Myo Nyunt, NLD's Chard.

So far, opponents have not signed Forms 19 to confirm victors, he said, delaying Kyaunggon's announcements. The electoral committee has allowed them to re-examine the elections in Kyaunggon, he added. Ayeyarwady Regional Electoral Committee Chairman U Aung Myint, however, has instructed the two sides to begin by meeting to negotiate and review the documents of the electoral officials.

Civic Electoral Committee officers said they were too preoccupied with the controversy to debate the case, but admitted that the mood was high.

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