Kyauktan Yele Pagoda

Yele Kyauktan Pagoda

The pagoda is located in the township Kyauk Tan and a little further away from Yangon. I' m visiting Kyauktan Yele Pagode Yangon Life. This pagoda is also known as the Kyaik Mhaw Won Pagoda.

Hyderabad, Swimming Temple - Review of Kyauktan, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

They say that the sanctuary floats in the centre of the stream, but it is actually on a small islet, which is in the centre of the stream, so it seems to be swimming. You have to take a ferry from the mainland to the isle.

For security reasons, it is said that a alien must also take a larger vessel:-) while the local people take the smaller one. A little kid takes your boots or clogs on the ship and puts them aside, because you have to be barefooted when you enter the zigzag. In the pagoda you can give the carp riceballs.

The pagoda is situated in the township Kyauk Tan and a little further away from Yangon. When you want to go there, you have to take a small rowboat to get there, most of the small boats row without a buoyancy aid. They see the fish near the pagoda and can see and eat them.

However, I am sure that this is a different matter from other pagoda views. It was a few bustling lessons with my boyfriend Smith on holiday in Yangon for 2 week from 22.06.16, again my dear boy Smith proposed that we go to KYIAK HMAW WON YELE PAGODA around KYAUKTAN and arrive on Thursday 30.06.16.

Impressing & nice view over the sea to the small Tempelinsel, entrance for foreigner 5.000 Kyats, only a few minutes waiting to get on the small boot about 10 minutes drive to the other side. When you arrive on the isle, you will have to settle another 2,000 Kyats for entry to the isle.

A photographer who took many cheerful pictures, some natives who wanted to take pictures, wonderful vistas over the sea with gold colored churches as a major feature. Recreational sight-seeing area & soon he mixed in small talks with some safety forces on the isle.

From Yangon city centre you can take a direct coach to the last of the terminals (Kyauktan, Kyike Maw Maw Won Yay Lal Pha Ya) is the pagoda in the midst of the city. It is actually a cliffy islet on which the pagoda is located, and you have to take the ferry to get to the pagoda.

For my part, I sent my mother to the pagoda and she spends her days there meditating and I took some photos. Sule Pagoda. I took the coach. Took about 2 hours and 700Kts. to get to the dock. It' a good way to dine or dine and admire the pagoda.

Not only is the pagoda itself interesting because it is located on the isle, but it has also been constructed clean. Spending more than an hours worshipping the pagoda and the pictures around me and meditating. Have you ever been to Kyauktan?

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