Kyaik Kauk Pagoda is built on a hill on the road to Kyauk Tan info Yele Pagoda near Kyauktan means the pagoda in the middle stream on a lateri reef. Forecast for the weather in Kyauktan, Yangon (Myanmar). This forecast shows the local time for Kyauktan. Take a look at our guide to Kyauktan in Yangon so you can immerse yourself in what Yangon has to offer before you leave. Receive the Kyauktan weather forecast.

Yele Pagoda (Floating Temple) in Yangon - attraction in Yangon, Myanmar

The Ye Le Peagoda is a Buddha ist a Buddha fisherman' s nest in the Kyauktan Township, Yangon region, on a small islet in Hmaw Wun Creek, a creek of the Yangon River. What makes Kyauktan Yele Pagode (Floating Temple) unique? Kyaik Khauk pit was constructed on a hill called Hlaing Pote Kone on the Thanlyin - Kyauktan highway.

It was constructed by the monarch Cula Thirimasoka of Thaton in the Buddhist era 241. The Kyaik Khauk pit was gradually restored and restored by 18 monarchs who ruled Myanmar. The Yele Pagode near Kyauktan means the middle flow of a lateri sanctuary. It is also known as the Kyaik Mhaw Won pit.

It was erected by Zeyasana, the 7th Pada Dynasty Emperor, in the third millennium BC. It was only 11 feet high. You can only get into the pit cage by barge. Foreign nationals have to be on a "bigger boat" that is different from the smaller ones that the natives take along for "security reasons".

In the Kyauktan Yele Pagode (Floating Temple), what is there to discover? The Kyauktan Yele Paya differs from other Buddhist Pagods in that it was constructed on an island in the centre of a water. In order to reach the pit, visitors must take the boat; along the way they can admire the Thanlyin Bridge, the colonial Thanlyin City, the beautiful idyll landscape and the straw-covered Myanmar-style huts.

Buddhist followers release the caught pelagic species, which is the characteristic of the pagoda: How to get to the Kyauktan Yele Pagode (Floating Temple)? For Kyauktan, you can take the pickup trucks from the area right next to Yuzana Plaza. Get off at an intersection at Kyauktan Square and head towards the riverbank to an area where the large coaches park.

There you can buy the 5,000ks round-trip fare tickets. There' only one way to get into the pit, by canoe. Foreign nationals have to be on a "bigger boat" that is different from the smaller ones that the natives take along for "security reasons".

When you are back on the shore, you can try the teasalad (you have to try it) in one of the riverside stores. It is forbidden to wear footwear in the Yele Lounge. Once you get to the pit, drop your boots, throw the flop on the raft and walk up the stairs to the pit.

It is necessary to take a ferry from shore to the Yele Pod, two round 5000 MMK rooftop ferry tickets.

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