Kievkpyu is an important city in the state of Rakhine, in western Myanmar. Receive Kyaukpyu weather forecast. Caukpyu: Caukpyu,, City, West Burma (Burma). The Kyauk Phyu Resort offers accommodation on the beach of Kyaukpyu. Explore Kyaukpyu with the help of your friends.

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Kyaukpyu (lit. "white rock") is the name of the name. Kyaukpru " is the name of the city spoken in the Rangbre pronounciation of the inhabitants of Kyaukpyu and in Standard-Arakanese. Old Kyaukpyu is 7 km from today's city, where there are two huge ledges. Cyclone Giri landed on the western shore of Myanmar on 22 October 2010, just south of the city at force 5.

The Kyaukpyu has a tropic moon climatic class Am. There' s also a small group from India, Kameins and Chin's in Kyaukphru. The Kyaukpyu Viewpoint, better known as Point, is perhaps the most famous tourist destination in Kyaukpyu. Situated at the end of Strand Road overlooking the Bay of Bengal and the estuary of the Thanzit (Kyaukpyu) River.

The Buddhist Kyaukpyu area centres on Kyauk-ta-lone Philaya, constructed by King Min-ba in the Mrauk U era, and the Gant-gaw-tawhrine. The TTC (Teacher Education College) was opened in Kyaukpyu in 1953. Now it is known as the Kyaukpyu Education college. The Kyaukpyu Intermediate college for Arakan, the Sittwe University' emboy, was opened in Kyaukpyu in 1954.

The Kyaukpyu GTI was opened in 2014. A renowned English author, Maurice Collis was living in Kyaukpyu in the 1920s. It is located on the edge of Kyaukpyu and is preserved as a historical edifice. The Financial Times in February 2013 reported[12] that almost 2,000 employees are completing work near Kyaukphyu, a large offshore project, the Shwe Gaz Line and the on-site station.

Daewoo International of South Korea is building this facility and the tunnel in a joint venture with the state-owned Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprises (MOGE) and others. As of May 2013, the project aims to produce around 12 billion m3 of methane per year, most of which will also reach China via the neighbouring Maday Isle.

Overseen by a Myanmar-based Kyaukpyu Special Economic Zone agent, these pipeline developments have an investment volume of an expected $3 billion and the capacity to create over 200,000 employment opportunities, while extra funds are needed to create a container and cargo harbor and rail line that will connect Kyaukphyu with Kunming in Yunnan.

The Myanmar authorities have declared that these large-scale operations are being implemented with increased consultations with the locals. An Arakan Oil Watch December 2012 December 2012 statement on a plan to construct a SEZ near Kyaukphyu on Ramree Island in the state of Arakan said it would "endanger the lives of tens of thousands in Myanmar's second biggest mongolian rainforest".

Under the title "Danger Zone", the plan would affect around 40 towns using 120 square kilometres of unspoilt shoreline. At the end of December 2015, the Myanmar authorities informed that they had selected a syndicate of predominantly China-based enterprises to create a SEZ and a harbour, following a call for tenders launched in 2014 for the construction and operation of an industry reserve and a deepwater harbour as public-private partnership.

Among the six members of the syndicate are the state-run corporations of China named China Corporation and China Harbour Holding (International), TEDA Investment Holding, Yunnan Construction engineering Group (YNJG) and Charoen Pokphand Group, a Thai diversified group. Whereas China Harbour is a well-known deepwater port design and construction consulting company, China Merchants Group, through some of its subsidiaries (China Merchants Holdings (International), China Merchants Group, both quoted on the Hong Kong Exchanges, and China Merchants Energy Shipping), is a worldwide port and ship owner and owner of tankers and vessels for land-based cargo, which will receive another China state-controlled ship and cargo carrier, Sinotrans Shipping, in 2016.

Until 2025, the syndicate intends to establish an approximately 1,000 hectare large industry reserve and the most efficient harbour of Myanmar with a annual volume of 7 million 20-foot equivalents (TEU). Kyaukpyu Harbour and Special Economic Zones (SEZ) is one of three large harbour and coast building developments in Myanmar, along with the Thilawa area near Yangon, the country's most densely populated and economic town, and the Dawei area in the south-east, near the Thai boarder, all of which have drawn great economic and engineering interests.

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