Kyauk-Myaung, Sagaing, Burma with the help of your friends. Receive Kyauk-myaung weather forecast. Meteorological forecast for Kyauk-myaung, Sagaing (Myanmar). This forecast shows the local time for Kyauk-myaung. Kyauk Myaung River Cruises | River cruises stopping in Kyauk Myaung.


This ceramics area extends one kilometer southwards of the city beyond the area of the famous Old Lady-Bridges. People are cordially invited to look around and also ovens, dryers and heaps of coarse clays are hewn. Across Letyway Kyaunggyi Abbey, you will see almost every open room with large amphoras awaiting shipping on riverboats.

Houses, many of them old wood objects with pronounced arched portals, as shop windows for jars, vessels and saucepans ("K200 and up"). Some are bright verdant (especially large owls vases), while the archetypical Kyaukmyaung patterns are mostly in a lush, shiny tan, decorated in a casual way with beige-yellow strudels, the latter seem to have taken their color from old lamps.

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