The Kyaukme (district, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. Receive the Kyaukme weather forecast. In Kyaukme Day Treks in northern Shan State you will visit Palaung minority villages and tea plantations on lush green mountains. Big savings on hotels in Kyaukme, Myanmar online. Explore Kyaukme, Shan State, Burma with the help of your friends.

Day trip Kyaukme

A Kyaukme full days trip provides light walks to the Shan and Palaung towns from Kyaukme by motorbike or Tuktuk transfers to Nar Byein village, a beautiful way to experience the locals' means of transport. We hike from here to more rustic towns, past rice and grain paddies and meet some of the Shan people.

We' ll also stop at a Palaung silvery girdle town and enjoy the landscape of small hilly areas and teaplantations and have a luncheon in a townhouse. In the afternoon we cross some woodland and walk back to Nar Byien for the return transport to Kyaukme. It is an easiest trekking holiday and is suitable for almost all physical abilities and for those who want to enjoy the Shan state's countryside but don't want to spend the night in basic facilities.

The itinerary is designed to be easy for most travellers. In the afternoon it is possible to see the Kyaukme metallurgical plants that produce bamboos and bamboos or to see the production processes of the moonlight from sweet white color. The Kyaukme Night/Morning Fair is open from 2:00 am to 6:00 am.

Walking time:

Weather Kyaukme, Shan State, Myanmar

In the UK, the wheather will remain arid and sunshiny this weekend. You can also check out Kyaukme History and Text Charts pages. Historic or past forecasts page offers historic forecasts from July 1, 2008 until now in 3-hour intervals. The text odds page allows you to get a 14-day text abstract, and the odds map page shows odds such as temperatures, windspeed, gusts, pressures, etc. in graphic view for the next 14 nights.

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