The Kyaukkyi Township is a township in the Taungoo district in the Bago region of Burma (Myanmar). Kyaukkyi is the capital and administrative centre. River Kyaukkyi (township, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. Kyaukkyi, my hometown, I love it so much. Explore Kyaukkyi, Pegu, Burma with the help of your friends.

Nyaunglebine Situation Report: Kyaukkyi Township, January to May 2017 - Myanmar

The situation update details what happened in Kyaukkyi Municipality, Nyaunglebin District between January and May 2017, includes seizures, training, Tatmadaw activity and two killings by Tatmadaws. Since the seizure by the Tatmadaw Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) #550, LIB #599, LIB #60 and LIB #351 63 years ago, the village people have been trying to reclaim their landhold.

Country is near A---Village, Mee Chaung Kone rural wing, Kyaukkyi Township, Nyaunglebin District. Whereas LIB #550, LIB #599 and LIB #60 have now given back the seized property to the initial landowners, LIB #351 still has to give back their part of the seized part. B--- Villager, Tha Pya Lar Township, Phyou Township (Bago Division), Nyaunglebin District said a recently established Burma/Myanmar administration elementary education in their villages is of low standard.

They have not yet received any response or assistance for the repair. LIB #20 began building a street near Thel Phyu Chaung near the Thel Phyu Chaung stream on February 16, 2017, Kaw Pyin Province, Mone Municipality, Kyaukkyi District, Nyaunglebin District. They did not confer with the inhabitants before building the street, nor did they ask for approval from them.

You said that you built the street for agricultural improvement, although the village people saw it as being used for war. A C--- Village dweller by the name of U D--- was gunned down by Tatmadaw LIB #589 troops in a Shwegyin township goldmine on March 18, 2017. Tatmadaw and goldmining leader each donated one million kyats (US $736) to the victim's relatives as reimbursement.

An eight-year-old woman called Nan E--- was taken captive and murdered by a Tatmadaw LIB #598 military in the Armed Forces encampment in C--- Dorf in Shwegyin Parish on May 14, 2017. These two murders in the same community made many people feel anxious and insecure and expressed their concern about the Tatmadaw Armed Forces outpost.

You orally called on the Tatmadaw commanders to pull the military base from its site near the town.

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