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The Kyauktan Township is a municipality in the Yangon region in the southern part of the region. Celebrities from the Kyauktan community[edit]. The Kyauktan township (Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. Besides the Kyaik Khauk Pagoda, the Kyaik Hmaw Wun Ye Lai Pagoda is the main attraction of the Thanlyin, Kyauktan.


About Yele Pagode near Kyauktan means the middle flow of a lateri sanctuary. It is also known as the Kyaik Mhaw Won pit. It was erected by Zeyasana, the 7th Pada Dynasty Emperor, in the third millennium BC. It was only 11 feet high.

You can only get into the pit cage by barge. Year of construction: n.a. Directions: Kyauktan Township, Yangon. local_phone n.a. Pricelist: n.a. directions_bus Bus description: n. Patricia: a. directs_railway circcular train: n.a. see maps See below map: help_outline Get a free quote for a Myanmar trip to see this place. just Give a stars review for this place or post an FM review below: thumb_up Do you like it?

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Burma is known as a wonderful land for its scenery decorated with wildlife and wildlife.

Burma is a traveler's heaven to see and enjoy the mystic charm of the East in all its variety - lush archeological places, sparkling coughies, lush civilizations, colourful feasts and laughing people. Burma is also a country with an impressive selection of nature - scenic landscapes, lush pastures, huge untouched jungle, magnificent snow-capped peaks, unspoilt shores bathed in crystalline waveleneck.

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