Kyauk pa Daung

The Kyauk pa Daung

The Kyaukpadaung is a town in the Mandalay region of central Myanmar. It's southwest of Mount Popa. Kyaukpadaung is the administrative seat of the Kyaukpadaung municipality. The Kyaukpadaung is a city in the Mandalay Division, Myanmar. Explore Kyaukpadaung with the help of your friends.

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The Kyaukpadaung (Burmese: ????????????????????????[t?a?? ?? ?? mjo? mjo?]) is a city in the Mandalay region of central Myanmar. It' located southwest of Mount Popa. Kyaukpadaung is the municipality's administration headquarters. Name Kyaukpadaung is taken from Kyauk (??????; Rock) + Pann (????; Flower) + Taung (??????; Basket). As the name of this city is related to the rocks.

There' are some boulders near and in the city. Expired Vocalno Mount Popa is about 10 leagues from the city. Near the train yard there is a place for climbers and boulderers. Busses and automobiles run to and from the surrounding cities. The Kyaukpadaung is located on the Yangon-Myingyan-Mandalay and Yangon-Meiktila-Mandalay highways.

The Kyaukpadaung is in the Hot & Dry Area and the rains are about 40 inches and below. The Popa area is an omnipresent place in the centre of Myanmar.

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The Kyaukpadaung Voivodeship is a Nyaung-U District townhip (until 2014, part of the Myingyan District) in the Mandalay region of Burma (Myanmar). The city of Kyaukpadaung is the capital. The Kyaukpadaung Cownship is the most south-western municipality in the Myingyan district and adjoins the next: This municipality comprises Popa Mountain, Popa Taungkalat Convent, the remains of Halay from the twelfth and thirteenth century and the Kyetmauk-Taung Reservoir.

That Mandalay region site item is a stump.

About Kyauk Padaung

The nearest city to Mount Popa is Kyauk Padaung, about 20 km southwest; a pickup or auto costs about 25,000 K. Kyauk Padaung itself is relatively uninteresting for the tourist, as it is mainly known for the manufacture of whole raw sugars (jaggery). We will only send you the e-mails that you have allowed during transmission, and your e-mail will never be passed on to third persons without your explicit consent.

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