Are you looking for a definition of Kyar? Check KYAR in Scrabble dictionary and games, check KYAR definition, KYAR in wwf, Words With Friends result for KYAR, definition of KYAR. Kiev Hpu, Phone Tar Shin and Phone Tar Li - escaped the area after the government agencies called them to an illicit small armaments plant in the area, leading to a division among the Kokang leader. Shin. Rangoon Yah Monastery on September 27th at 2:00am.

Mr. Shin said he is planning to expand the growing of buckwheat to 2,000 ha starting next year. represent Hopis today, but most are precise and useful.

In the north-east of Yangon, at the end of September, the convent was attacked by the army and arrested tens of people. In the north-eastern Yangon, which was attacked by forces at the end of September to capture tens of friars.

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The spokespersons, like Tidewater Virginians, say "kyar" when they mean "car". So we took it right into de big parlor wid de-photographs in it, whar you use' to dancing in oil time when Marse Chan Chan uses a scholboy, an'Miss Anne Chahmb'lin use' to come over, an'go wid ole missis into her charm er and' toek her things off.

So we took the casket out of the hospital car and "kyar'd it right into de big parlor wid en images in it, whar you use" to perform in olden days, when Marse Chan took a schoolboy, a "Miss Anne Chahmb'lin use" to come by, a "go wid omis in her room and" to take off her clothes.

Zlashers, for looking impolite to Miss Fotheringay while she was on her kyar in the Phaynix; and then he described how the captain apologized, gave a supper at Kildare Road where six of them were drinking twinty-one flasks of Claret, etc... Bei kyar fu t woot wout keered; but he tol'she he could float and'let her go hu't, a'cave let her' in kyar her'cross, she get'in' his han's.

When I' m injured, kyar me home, do you read? Mars Chan he uses'to kyar Miss Anne's textbooks for her days, one'ef de street woody slimy or she woody weary, he uses'to carry her; one'twarn' hardly a days went by when he'kyar brought her some'n' to the school - an apple or hick'y nut, or some'n'.

"and two policemen on the Kyar and two on horseback followed him." "He said, "Ah, searched all of Kyar for it," he saw. I Arter I got out of it, cutting that ar got lose, an'git on him, he got on him, he got out an' kyar me kyar somewherear I didn't get me out.

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