Kyaiktiyo to Yangon

Yangon as Kyaiktiyo

Coming from Inle Lake and Kalaw - Since there are no direct buses, the most convenient way to get there is via Yangon. The Pagoda, also known as the Golden Rock, is the third most important place of pilgrimage for Buddhists in Myanmar. Valuable Yangon excursion by road - Review of Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, Kin Pun, Myanmar

As some critics did, I explored different ways to visit the skirt from Yangon and finally employed a 140 dollar rider for the daily excursion instead of taking the quickest bus there (hotel advised Win Express). As a benchmark, the Yangon riders volunteered $200 and most were willing to lower it to $150 after some negotiations.

Afterwards it was really good value for the amount of cash I have. At 6 o'clock on the dot in the morning I leave the mountain and reach the top at 10 o'clock. In the early after sightseeing of the rock, walking up and down the stairs with a view of stores that sell traditional medicines and having dinner on the top, I was ready in the early evening.

The rider and I drove to Bago around 2.30 p.m. I didn't spend as much of my spare minute on the top as I was expecting. It was still to see most of the churches in Bago before we went back to Yangon after the night. I had a great ride and was glad to be waiting for my supper in Yangon city centre and then take me back to the city.

I arrived at the motel around 9.45 pm. Benefits of the payment of the bonus for renting a vehicle for the daily excursion were the savings of the valuable few hour per route, the agility to leave the motel at a convenient moment, no needless wait and the agility to see some Bago with the additional inconvenience.

In Kyaiktiyo I saw the hotel and restaurants and I was happy that I didn't choose to stay there. Golden Rock itself is pretty and despite the force of the force of gravity. It is definitely a sight to behold if you can accept the journey from Yangon here. The 7500MMK (about $7.50) "Win Express" coach from the Aung Mingalar coach terminal in Yangon, which lasted 5 instead of the indicated 4 hour, was halted at least 10x for a longer period, had no working AC and was tamped to the chevrons (they even had pull-out seating in the center of the corridor, which means that the whole coach was crowded all the time).

This whole trip is unbearable warm and full of bugs that we probably wouldn't drive afterwards..... which is a disgrace, because the Gold Rocks is an astonishing view. Returning from Kinpun to Yangon was just as difficult. As soon as you arrive in Kinpun, take the open pick-up to Mount Kyaiktiyo to the pit, and it's really not as frightening as everyone suggests.... it's full of old women and small kids and they're not afraid.

When you do this with a westerner woman, observe her outrage, finding wives are not permitted to traverse the little viaduct to get close to the golden rocks, but are men. This is a journey! Book an accommodation from Yangon at the Mountain Top Hotel at the end of October.

It was exactly as described in other accounts, although I would never say that we found the trip hazardous. As we arrived at the point where the tourist should get off and take the remainder of the way, we had the possibility to go up with the horse.

It was a good choice, because when we arrived at the motel and took the small road to the Golden Rocks, the sky opened and it shook and shook and shook and shook. The Golden Rocks themselves are an astonishing view, and just as astonishing was the view of the locals and their dedication to the pit, many of them camp on the rocksight.

It was a little disappointing that it was pouring so heavily that there would obviously be no setting sun, so we drove back to the city. As if by a miracle, when we arrived at the cliff, the cloud fell off and one could see the bottom of the valleys and the farstream. It was a great journey, and even if the wheather wasn't so good for us, I wouldn't have lost it at all.

They go about 200 meters, quite even, to the rocks themselves. It is an interesting cliff itself, as are the many myths about it. Go upstairs, see it, maybe go for a hike and come down is a full day's outing. Were you at the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda?

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