The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is a well-known Buddhist pilgrimage site in Mon State, Burma. Explore the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda in Thaton District, Myanmar (Burma): The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is a popular pilgrimage place among Buddhists. In Kyaiktiyo I saw the hotels and restaurants and I was glad I didn't decide to stay there. Kyaiktiyo's sacred rock lies in the middle of wooded mountains.

The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock) for 4 reason(s)

This comment is grossly incorrect, I think, as the cliff is just one of the many rides this place can have. I' d like to alter the way prospective guests see the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, Myanmar's Golden Rocks, and I'll give you the reason why you need to do so.

First and foremost, what is the story of the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda? The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is a favourite pilgrimage place among Buddhists. This is Myanmar's second most important pilgrimage destination and its importance is even recognised worldwide. Kyaiktiyo, 1,100 metres above the surface.

On the top is not only the Golden Rocks Pagoda, but also a gigantic ensemble of several churches, restaurancies, guesthouses and other facilities. Nevertheless, the Golden Rocks are the most sacred place of interest. Legend has it that the cliff is sustained by a Buddha and that is why every year several hundred thousand Burmese come to worship it.

But why can't a traveller who comes to Myanmar fail to do so? Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is a huge gold stone that defies the force of nature thanks to the fur of a Buddha. Believers, superstar, believers in myth or not, the point is that this is a sacred place for Buddhists and Myanmar residents who fully believe in this myth.

It is so symbolic that every year several hundred thousand Burmese come to touch the Buddha with their hands. Although the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is fully described in all the guidebooks, few come to see this jewel.

Quite the opposite, you will meet tens of tens of thousand tourist from all over the land to pray and make sacrifices for Buddha. Most of them obviously come from a very low grade of society and population. They' re driving behind very small delivery trucks for centuries.

Everyone goes up by coach from the town at the foot of Mount Kyaiktiyo (Kinpun), especially the tourist. The whole of Burma will be waving to you. His height and the way he defies the force of gravitation is appalling to see. At sundown, the rocks shine in all their glory. It can be spent spending lessons watching and admire as all men worship it.

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