Kyaikthanlan Paya

Paya Kyaikthanlan

Kyaik* means "stupa" in the Mon language. Kyai Kyaik Than Lan Than Lan claims to be the biggest stupa in the city and of course this is the renowned Ki-plingtempple. Kyaik Than Lan is not quite as big as the former ensemble, but still has a lot of greengage. Rudyard is said to have rewritten his infamous line "Lookin' Iazy at the sea" here.

Whilst the sanctuary is stunning, the climax is the magnificent views of the landscape with stunning views to the east over the surrounding isles, the Salween estuary and the Gulf of Martaban and to the south over the Hpa-An calcareous crags. This shaded viewpoint is a favourite destination for young native couple - so you will see many mawlamicine beau's acting as if they admired the views next to the tourist on a stand.

From Taung Yoe Dan Street or on foot from Mahamuni to the souths.

Mouth. Big Pagoda[Kyaik-Than-Lan-Pagoda]

Photo of Kyaik-Than-Lan Paya in Moulmein (Mawlamyaing), taken by Philip Adolphe Klier in the 1890s. It is a look at the pit stop along an access street. "At the old Moulmein pit, looking lazily at the ocean / There is a Burmese gal, and I know she thinks of me;" The Master Cabinet is a tapered, conic Stupa of 40 meters in height, standing on a deck accessed via stairs climbing the slope.

A group of staggered roofed couches or pyats, an aspect of Burma's church architectural designating the holy room, surround the Stupa. Small stupas and pyate spires are constructed on the hill below.

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Kyaik Than Lan, a brief stroll just south of Mahamuni Paya, is not as extensive as the last one, but currently has a great deal of foliage on it. Rudyard should have written his acclaimed "Lookin' Language at the Ocean" line here. He also seems to have his brains in different angles because he also said: "I should better remember what the couch looked like if I hadn't been deeply and invariably in love with a young woman from Burma at the base of the main staircase".

Whilst the shrine is remarkable, the trait is the great outlook of the scenery, which is with marvellous views to the West over the nearby isles, Salween estuary and Gulf of Martaban, and to the E to the calcareous piles of Hpa-An. This shadowy outlook are main stream hangers for teenage neighborly pairs, so you will see many maawlamyine playfellows hosting a show to enjoy the views near the tripod-working traveler.

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