Kyaikami Kyaikkami, formerly Amherst, health spa, southeast Burma. Located on a penninsula about 48 km southward of the city of Moulmein. The Kyaikkami was initially a Mon tribe village, but was established by the British during the Annexation of the states of Tenasserim and Arakan after the First Burmese War (1824-26) and renamed after William Pitt Amherst, the then General Gubernator.

A cobbled road and rail link Kyaikkami with Moulmein and Ye.

The Kyaikkami in Moulmein, Mon State

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The Kyaikkami Yele Pagoda

9 km to the north-east of Thanbyuzayat, Kyaikkami was a small seaside town and mission centre known as Amherst during the UK age. Kyaikkami's primary attraction is Yele Paya, a metal-covered Buddhist shrine ensemble accessed via a long, two-storey dam; the lighthouse is flooded at high water.

Together with 11 Buddha relicts, the crypt under Yele Paya allegedly contains a Buddha picture floating here on a Sri Lankan float in the Ancients.

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