That band (I should have the name somewhere) didn't play near or around Kyaikkami. It was Amherst, health resort, southeast Burma. Explore Kyaikkami, Mon State, Burma with the help of your friends.


15 leagues to the north-west of Thanbyuzayat, Kyaikkami was a small seaside town and mission center known as Amherst during the UK age. Instead, the emphasis is on Yele Paya (????????????), a metal-covered Buddhist shrine ensemble that towers over the ocean and is said to host 11 Buddhist relic sites. Yele Paya's cry room allegedly contains a picture of Buddhas floating here on a Sri Lankan float in the Ancients.

An exhibition of 21 sculptures of Buddhas in Mandalay is located above the place where the Sinhala picture is grave. Please be aware that there is no access for girls to the Great Casket. Adoníram Judson (1788-1850), an U.S. missionsary and linguistic scientist who became virtually sacred among Myanmar's Baptists, sailed with his spouse to India when her vessel left course and forced her to end up in Kyaikkami.

Júdson remained here and founded his first missions; the initial location is now a Roman Catholicschool in a small alley off the highroad. Kaday Kywe Guest Villa is the only lodging in the city, just a few minutes walking distance from Yele Paya.

Friedlich - Review by Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagoda, Kyaikkami, Myanmar

It was a low water spot. So we had the possibility to see all places of this area. Sitting Buddha pictures are gracious. However, no woman is permitted in this sanctuary. A very pleasant footpath on a rock dam that connects the headquarters with a small edifice in which there is a Shin- u- pa -guta picture.

Situated 9 km north east of Thanbyuzayat. According to some legends, Buddha came to Thuwunna Bhumi in Maha Sakarit in 111 around 581 BC and came to Kyin Maing (Kyaikkhami) the country of Yawnaka. The Buddha was resting on the cliff that was to set up the pit and gave the 20 children of the Kyin Maing son and Kappina the hermit's coat reliquaries before he went to Thuwunna Bhumi.

The hermits Kappina and ten of the rulers constructed a holocaust shelter for the remains they found in the caves. Since then she has been known as Eka Dasa. Arabanta Upatittha and King Devanampiyatitittha sent four Buddha sandals over water, which preserved the Buddha relic that had been given to them, and took an vow to take them to a place where there were places to store Buddha-reliquies.

Then one of them came to the Eka Dasa Pagoda in Kyaikkhami. The Eka Dasa Pagoda is now one with five miracles in the middle. Buddha pictures inside face the ocean to the north. It is remarkable that the ship, although it is at some distances from the coast, is not in the cellar even at the highest flood.

Females may only pray from a gazebo remote from the sanctuary, while men may pray from the lobby that faces the mural. This is an interesting Kyaikkhami pit on a cliffy shore. We know that even during the wet seasons saltwater never reaches the bottom of the caves.

A part of the cloakroom can be attended by men and woman in another place. Were you in Kyaikkhami Yae Le Pagode?

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