Myanmar pilgrims who like to visit the Kyaikkami Yele Pagoda or Kyaik-kami Ye Le Paya are now attracted. The Kyaikkami Yele Pagode is the first one you need to visit. pcb-file="mw-headline" id="Comprendre">Comprendre[edit] and Kyaikkami is a town in Mon State, Myanmar. This was a Brit town under a Britains' settlement. Now, all Myanmar travellers who like to go to the Kyaikkami Yele Pagoda or Kyaik-kami Ye Le Paya are attracted.

It can be visited by coach or canoe. Tanphyuzayat, which had a large Japan based consolidation camps and now serves as a "war cemetery", is the closest town.

When you have a roller, it's good to be there. The Kyaikkami Yele Pagode is the first one you need to see. The construction of a fishermen' s vessel is also recommend. If you want to stay on Budge, go to Pagoda Guesthouses. The Kadaykywe Guesthouse is designed for'medium standard'. Situated on Setse is a very beautiful place, guesthouses are very inexpensive.

The Tanphyuzayat is a cabinet with a colorful scenery like the'war cemetery'.

The Kyaikkami and Yele Theagoda

Someday, when there is a gift store in Myanmar High Streets that sells Mon crafts, cards and picture cards, the Yele Pagoda will play a big role among the touristic clich├ęs. Kyaikkami was for a short time after the first Anglo-Burmese conflict of 1824-26 the capitol of British Lower Burma.

Now it' s a quiet hinterland. There are a few old structures, among them the supposedly oldest in Burma, some diners and teashops, but the highlights is the stunning and extraordinary Yele Pagoda. Some of Buddha's hair is also housed in the central cabinet, making it a place of great spiritual importance for the natives - and a very scenic place for others.

Abbey architecure itself is not very thrilling, but it is the environment that is astonishing. It is connected to the main land by a roofed path on which monks' districts, outbuildings and small chests are pressed together. This dam is arid except for the highest tidal or storm, although the flood fills the southern cove entirely.

Please be aware that at low tide the cove turns into a tricky Wadden Sea between the dispersed mangrove trees, so we do not suggest acronyms. You should also be wary that there is no way for a woman to enter the Mother Sanctuary (this is not unusual in Burma). Exploring the various viewpoints and walking up the dam can fill an hours or so, but as the natives will quickly alert you, take charge of the ocean.

There is a picturesque southern shore towards a small fishermen town, so if you have enough free walking you can enjoy a nice and secure one. {\It's good for a bath at high water, but it gets pretty slimy and stony when they..... please login to see the other part.

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