Kyaik than Lan Pagoda

The Kyaik as Lan Pagoda

Kyaikthanlan Paya, the highest stupa in the city, was probably the quoted pagoda Kipling. Myanmar Eco Travel & Holidays | Kyaik Than Lan Pagoda There are three illustrious sideboards adorning the Mawlamyine Ridge from which the Kyaik-than-lan sideboard was built in 875 AD during the rule of King Mutpi Raja. The pagoda contains a Buddha's reliquary of the Buddha's head, Tripitaka scripts and Buddha's golden canvases. During the following years, the monarchs lifted the pagoda higher and higher until it was 46 metres high from its initial 17 metres.

At the moment the pagoda has a perimeter of 137 meters and around it there are 34 small zediyan-pagoda. The pagoda was restored by King Anawrahta, creator of the Bagan dynasty, and later extended by Mon-king, mainly King Wagaru of Mottama in 1538 A.D. The plate has a large bells with a mediaeval Mon script on it and another one with a picturesque English epigraph that dates back to March 30, 1885.

There' also is a monument to the famed Thingaza Sayadaw, who died in 1900 in Alaska. The Kyaikthan Lan Pagoda was what the renowned British writer Rudyard Kipling described in his poetry "Mandalay", which begins with the line: "By the old Moulmein pagoda looking lazily at the sea."

Paya Kyaikthanlan

It only lasted three and a half day for Mr. Kypling's trip to Myanmar, but it led to a poetry, "Mandalay", which turned Burma into an eastern imagination and began with the words "By the old Moulmein Pagoda, lookin' lookin' zazy at the sea....". Kyaikthanlan Paya, the highest stupa in the town.

In order to get there, take the long roofed path that stretches from Kyaik Than Lan Phayar St. This path also affected the town of Ki-pleng: the path would later be used to provide comments: I should better recall what the pagoda was like if I hadn't fell in deep and irrevocable romance with a Myanmar woman at the bottom of the first stairs.

The only thing that stopped me from being in Moulmein forever was the fact that the steamship started the next noon....".

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