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Rohingya Muslims flee violence in Burma

United Nations Refugee Agency reports that 123,000 individuals - mainly Rohingya Muslims - have escaped to Bangladesh since August 25 to escape a new round of violent events in Burma's west Rakhine state. Fugitives have been on the move for a number of rohingya raids on Burma's Burma riot force following a powerful reaction by the regime and the cremation of several thousand houses.

Rohingya are a stateless Islamic majority who live in parts of an enemy and predominantly Buddhist Burma. U.N. authorities say their aid centers are at full absorption levels, while tens of thousands more are still coming to Bangladesh.

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11,432 people have so far reached Bangladesh this year, where more than 700,000 have escaped since a bombing raid in August 2017 in Myanmar's north Rakhine state, Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein said. Myanmar-based Rakhine Refugee Center is prepared to receive 150 Rohingya migrants daily from Bangladesh. Less than 200 Rohingya Muslims have been relocated to the north of Rakhine from the 700,000 who escaped the army's violence in August.

Myanmar Social Affairs Minister Win Myat Aye met in Copenhagen on 8 June, telling a group of embassies, academics and members of a committee headed by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan that eight of her proposals - one of which calls on the agencies to take action to change the 1982 Act - were problematical in the present policy environment and could not be implemented immediately, those present said.

At the beginning of August last year, a young officer Kyi Nyan Lynn took several hundred other Myanmar troops to Rakhine State. You were about to start a campaigne to expel several hundred thousand Rohingya Muslims from their houses and set the area aflame. These seven will face the freezing of assets and must not travel to the European Union after the block has prolonged an embargo on weapons and forbidden any form of education or co-operation with Myanmar's military force.

Forestry officers on Saturday said that wild animal trafficker Samsuddin Khan, who was detained a fortnight ago, has connections with merchants in Myanmar. "Foreign hate stories" have further dispersed Myanmar's community, said Aung San Suu Kyi, head of the South East Asia country, in a Thursday Sunday newspaper comment. This is the first oath-al-Fitr for the hundred thousand Muslims who have escaped from neighboring Myanmar since the army's suppression last August.

In Rakhine state, the two nations were discussing the Rakhine state and the returning of the expelled Rohingyas as Myanmar's military and civil leaders. According to an AFP statement, a rather unusual "national safety meeting" took place on Friday to debate an in-house inquiry into the Rohingya war. United Nations detectives have said that Facebook has become a "beast" in the land and that hatred speeches and instigation to violent acts against the Rohingya are raging on the website.

Myanmar Buddhist hardline Facebook has put a group of Myanmar Buddhist hard-liners on the blacklist, among them some of the world' s most infamous friars for their cheap hatred of Rohingya Muslims, the corporation said on Thursday as it fights to show that it is taking action against inflammable contents. Security and "identity" must be guaranteed for the Muslim Rohingya migrants returning to Myanmar, the country's UN chief said on Wednesday when Myanmar and UN organizations concluded a framework agreement on refugee repatriation.

On Wednesday, the MOU announced the creation of a "framework for cooperation" to provide the basis for a "voluntary, secure, worthy and sustainable" return of Rohingya migrants. Last August's suppression followed Rohingya's Separitist attack on junta bases in the west of Myanmar. Myanmar's army and Buddhist communities have responded with a recompense drive of rapes, massacres and arsons that has forced some 700,000 Rohingya to cross the Bangladesh/Great Britain frontier.

Jammu & Kashmir and other states have asked the Centre to block the entry of Rohingya ethnic German immigrants to pre-identified places within their jurisdiction, to collect their biographical and other data and not to provide them with an Aadhaar number or any other identification. Burma is prepared to take back all 700,000 Rohingya escapees who have escaped to Bangladesh if they voluntarily report, national security adviser Thaung Tun said on Saturday.

"When you can return 700,000 on a volunteer base, we are ready to accept them," Thaung Tun said. Altogether 1,187 kg of the 71 million dollar ring git (18 million dollars) of drugs were transported in a Yangon, Myanmar, to Port Klang on the edge of Kuala Lumpur, the Director General of Customs, Subromaniam Tholasy, said to reporter.

Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh's Prime Minister, demanded that Burma, which is home to several hundred thousand Rohingya Muslims who have taken refuge in their own countries in order to avoid the violent war. According to the London-based legal organisation, it was investigating the widespread killings of tens of minority Hindu people on 25 August in a town named Ah Nauk Kha Maung Sei and came to the conclusion that Rohingya fighters were at work.

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