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Fights between Ta'ang and Myanmar armies force the inhabitants to flee Kutkai

The escalating clash between Myanmar's Myanmar and a Shan state ethnically based gun group in the east of Myanmar has displaced more than 150 inhabitants of Kutkai City to escape to Theinni City in security, according to Tuesday's national law. The continuing hostility between the Ta'ang National Liberation Army South ( "TNLA") and the federal junta's soldiers and casual confrontations between the Ta'ang National Liberation Army and a competing ethnical militias - the Shan State Army-South (SSA-S) - have compelled tens of thousand inhabitants in North Shan State to leave their houses and take refuge in Buddhist cloisters.

More than 150 inhabitants of the Pharsai and Saikhaung communities in Kutkai have settled in a convent in the Kaungai community of Theinni, said Nang Khin Htar Ye, a member of the Shan Landtag of the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD), which is representing Theinni County. The ones who escaped said two army choppers each twice assaulted the towns, though no civilians were wounded when they began to run away after they heard shots from combat, according to Eik Mon, a member of the Shan State Assembly representing Kutkai's electoral district No. 1.

Evacuation is taking place as the Myanmar authorities prepare for the third round of the Panglong Conference of the twenty-first century, which is de facto the main peacemaking effort by Aung San Suu Kyi, the country's leading international figure, to end decade-long civilian warfare between the Myanmar militia and the Myanmar people. She said the goverment plans to have the next round of discussions in February.

TNLA was barred from concluding a countrywide ceasefire deal (NCA) with the Myanmar authorities in October 2015 and has largely stayed outside the country's gradual pace of peaceful development.

Tatmadaw in Kutkai township of Shan state collides with Tatmadaw

Violations between the Tatmadaw and the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) have broken out in recent times in several isolated townships in Kutkai municipality, Shan State, and may have sent several hundred of the local population to the southern city of Kutkai and the nearby township of Hseni. "Since February 4, some of the inhabitants of the community have escaped to Kaung Ai in Hseni V. because their community was shelled.

IDPs are currently sheltering in a dugout on the grounds of a monastery," said Father Khun Gaung from Hseni. Over 150 refugees have taken Hseni and the local government has made available paddy and olive groves to the refugees. As a result, the local Christians in the townships are getting ready to provide extra human aid for the IDPs.

In the early mornings of February 5, the Tatmadaw Battalion No. 11 and the Ngor Ngar village of Papein and Ngor Ngar, about 30 leagues outside the city of Kutkai, clashed with each other. The Burmese military has been conducting air strikes on Taliban Navy sites and launching ground-based attacks in the last three outbreaks.

In addition, on Wednesday mornings, the TiNLA reported a clash between its force and the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) in the Taw Pe and Kai Tai communities on the outskirts of Kyaukme and Namhsanownships. Turkmenistan Police (TNLA) reproached the RCS for invading its area and said there were similar animosities on January 20.

Both of these people have met several occasions in Shan State in recent years.

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