The Kunzite is of the pink Spodumene variety. The Kunzite is the best-known variety of the mineral spodumene. Kunzit collectors love its colour palette, from delicate pastel pink to intense violet. Kuncite is a strong healing crystal for emotions and creates loving relationships as your life fills with love on all levels.

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Kunzite is a nice crystalline material, clean in form and joyous in its natural environment. Pale rose to pale purple, it is a stone of emotions that opens and connects the soul to the spirit and stimulates a curative community between the two. The Kunzite encouraged to free around the core wall for shelter and to be susceptible to the experiencing of absolute and ample lovemind.

Kunzit is the rose to purple version of the Spodumene silica called after the mineralogen and jeweller George Frederick Kunz, who first cataloged it in 1902. The crystal has a glass-like clarity and is formed in oblate crystal prisms with upright stripes. Very pleochroitic, it changes from pastel rose to purple and even colourless according to the viewing angles, and although its neckline makes it hard to cut, it can be facetted into pretty gemstones.

Kuncite produces colourless, rose, purple, gel and verdant crystal in a traditional way. It is a yellow-green to emerald-green species known as Hiddenite or Grüner Kunzit. The colourless to bright amber is called triphane or spodumene. Real Kunzite is fairly bright in colour, with higher value tones of brown.

Artificial stones tend to fade in the sun. Rosa Kunzite Crystal reflects the luminosity of the soul and helps to activate the chakra of the soul. This chakra is near the centre of the sternum and governs our interactions with the outside and determines what we accept and what we reject.

Rosa crystalline is used to dissolve blockades and bring the cardiac orgasm back into equilibrium, which helps us to clearly grasp our own needs and feelings. Imbalance of the crown cakra is handled with the use of slightly purple beads. Her purple beams have the vitality of magical, dreaming, inspirational and doom. Bringing the radiance of energetic decisiveness, engagement and care.

The colour of new loves, new romanticism and new relations. They' re free, unhindered intellectual and cardiac cystals. When your birthdays fall in one of the following seasons, a rose Kunzite can be a precious link to your guardian angel. There' other angels who like Kunzite.

It can be used to honour Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and charity (also known as Venus, the Roman goddess of love). It can also be used to honour Astarte, the Phoenician goddess of fertility, charity and war. With restless loving help, she keeps the lover loyal to each other. A second way is to find your own stone with the colour wheels of your world.

Click on the image The Birthstone to find out more. Kuncite Birthstone. Rosa Kunzit is one of the birth stones of those babies borne in the fall (22 October - 20 November). Red crystal brings you power, bravery, passion after all. The light purple Kunzite is one of the native birth stones of those bred after the solstices of December 21 - January 19.

Violet beads give you inspiration, sorcery, dreams and fantasy. Kunzit is not associated with any zodiac signs. The Kunzite is a Guardian/Dreamholder Harmonizer crystall. Guardian beads have a particular use in the apostolate. Guardian Wrath Walls can keep your minds safe even in challenging situations. The Kunzite is also a dreamholder, a particularly mighty charming creature who concentrates our energies on our visions.

Harmonisers, known as chains and ribbon-silicate, combine to form a long string and distribute the energies in a controlled and long time. Kunzites use fire power to harness the power of excitement, warmness, light, lighting and activities. It' the power of warmness, actions, emotions and passions - of thoughts, of conceptions and erotic.

Utilize his energies to give your own lives the necessary impetus to improve your reputation in the fellowship and in your own families. Legend has it that the Kunzite gemstone bearer is lucky, but there is no information about Kunzite. Cassandra Eason, The New Crystal Bible (Londres : Carlton Books Ltd., 2010).

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