"'Dream a little, Kulu, this world is singing a beautiful song about you now." CULU ABOUT US Our company's aim is to introduce a new approach to dessert. Our range includes crêpes, bubble teas and Asian Fusion deserts, such as Hong Kong type sweet soups, a blend of icecream, chilled fruit, puddings and herb jellies. In the case of deserts, it is not always a matter of deep-freezing, cooling or cooking, but of mixing and combining them with seasoned produce every day.

While our produce is wholesome and refreshing, most of our conventional deserts contain high calorie foods, what we make can satisfy your need for sweets and still keep you well. Asiatic fusion sweets!? Alternatively, you can go to our site on our site to share the photos you took with your kulu mates!

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Situated in Kulu, Konya within Turkey. Situated in Kulu, Konya within Turkey. The city and county of Kulu is located in the province of Konya in the Central Anatolia area of Turkey. The 2011 survey shows 55,573 inhabitants of the county, 22,844 of whom are living in Kulu[3][4] Many former inhabitants are living abroad and working in West Europe, such as Germany, Denmark and above all Sweden.

Kulu is one of the most rapidly growing towns in Turkey, as it is closely connected to its municipalities in Europe. The village of Kulu is about 110 km from Ankara and 150 km from the Konya area. While the number of Kurdish people in Kulu is not known, some say it is higher than the number of Turkish people there.

Many Kurdish people live in the surrounding area. The Kulu has a semi-arid weather with warm and drier summer and colder and snowy winter. The Turkish Institute of Statisics. The Turkish Institute of Statisics. Turkish Institute of Statisics. "Turkey's Metropolitan Areas Keys" (in Turkish). "Statistic information on the Turkish administration".

"Geographic information about Kulu, Turkey". Situated in Konya Province, Turkey, this geographic paper is a blunt one.

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