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Myanmar Kty Hotel

Meeting with your tour guide and transfer to the hotel for check-in. Transfer to the hotel and check-in on arrival. Name of the itinerary, cultural tours, kty. You will be picked up by our guide at the airport and brought to your hotel. is a licensed travel agency in Myanmar.


This is the best of all the Myanmar hostels we have ever been to during our 3-week-holidays! It was a beautiful room with a great view and the personnel was great. I' d strongly suggest your hotel to my friend. Thanks for the great times we had! Beautiful land, extraordinary locals and a great hotel!

It is a wonderful hotel in a breathtaking area. It was a great experience thanks to the very kind and supportive team. Beautifully situated, great mountain panorama! Pretty souls, vistas & rooms - a great night's sleep amidst the hectic pace and naturalness. Wonderful hotel and environment, great outlook & great ambience.

And not to forget the fact that the Golden Rock is easy to reach for sunsets and sunrises! I would give him 10 out of 10!

It is a great hideaway, far from the bustling town and yet only 2 leagues from the world-famous Golden Rock Pagoda, considered one of the most impressive places in the underworld.

It is a great hideaway, far from the bustling town and yet only 2 leagues from the world-famous Golden Rock Pagoda, considered one of the most impressive places in the underworld. We are the proud recipients of the Millennium Golden Award for customer satisfaction and the Green Standard Hotels Award of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

Proud of our environmentally responsible and viable operations system, we are striving for a greener Myanmar. One of our environmentally responsible activities is the Minidamm, which was specially constructed on the site to collect mineral springs for the sole use of the hotel.

Myanmar in astonishment

In the mornings you reach the Yangon airfield. After you have completed the entry and customs procedures, please contact your tour leader at Yangon Internacional Arrival Hall. We will then take you to your hotel for check-in (if early check-in is possible). When early check-in is not possible, travel through the Colonial Style Buildings City, Chinatown and the Native American area.

After lunch we travel through Kandawgyi Park and past the Karaweik Royal Barge. Then, visiting the lying Buddha in the Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda, is almost as tall as the huge statue in Bago Shwethalyaung. Savour the sundown in the Shwedagon Pagoda, the "heart" of Buddhist Myanmar. Accomodation in hotel, Yangon.

You' ll eat your own hotel breakfasts. In the early mornings you will leave Yangon for the old city of Bago (Pegu), about 2 hrs north east of Yangon. Visiting the Shwemawdaw Pagoda, which has a diamond-set stupa, the gold symbol of Bago. Behold Shwethalyaung Buddha, who was born in 994 and is worshipped throughout Myanmar as the most beautifully situated Buddha.

Shortly before Bago you will see the Kyaikpun Pagoda with four 30 meter high Buddha statues sitting back to back. Coming from Bago you go to the small city of Kyaikto and on to the "base camp" Kinpun. After lunch, you take a lorry on a rough road about halfway up the mountains. At this point the trail goes up, which rises sharply to the legendary'Golden Rock'.

This unbelievable'Golden Rock' lies on the top of the hill and is said to be balanced thanks to a precise placement of Buddha's hairdry. Accomodation in hotel, Kyaikhtiyo. Hotel breakfasts. Morning hikers can return to the Golden Rock, about 10 minute walking distance from Kyaikto Hotel or 60 minute one.

Hiking down the hill after breakfasts and returning by lorry to your car/minibus, or walking all the way down to Kinpun basecamp (if you wish, very early in the morning). Head southwards to Mawlamyaing (Moulmein), through apparently never-ending paddy paddies. After lunch visiting the cave of Sa Dan.

You can also go to Kaw Koon caves where Buddha statues are cut from the walls of the caves. Journey to Manlamyaing, where you reach in the evening. Accomodation in hotel, Marlamyaing. Hotel breakfasts. Leave Mandlamyaing and head southwards to Win Sein Toya, near Mudon, where the world's biggest lying Buddha is being built.

The Ye-le Pagoda, which lies above the ocean and is accessed via a two-storey footbridge (the lower plain is flooded at high tide). It is said to contain a Buddha picture floating on a Sri Lankan float that ended up near Kyaikkami.

After lunch we will go back to the small museum of the village of Manlamyaing (if open) and the local market. Later in the evening you head for the surrounding hilly areas with many cloisters. The Mahamuni Pagoda, constructed in the Mon tradition, with roofed corridors connecting the various cloisters.

The Yadana Bon Myint Convent has fine wood carvings showing Buddha's former state. You can also go to Kyaiktanlan Pagoda, the highest pagoda in the town, and the lookout point close by to watch the wonderful sun set over the harbor and over the river. Accomodation in hotel, Mawlamyaing. Earlier in the morning at the hotel. Back to Yangon by street.

The Shwezayan Pagoda, which houses a renowned vertical Buddha stelae in the classical Mon tradition, with interesting tenth -century woodcarvings, is worth a trip. Arrival in Yangon in the early afternoon and transfers to your hotel. Accomodation in hotel, Yangon. You' ll eat your own hotel breakfasts. Transfers to Yangon airport for your takeoff this mornings.....

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