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Croonstad (Afrikaans for "Crown City") is a large city in the Free State (after Bloemfontein and Welkom) and is two hours drive from Gauteng. Real estate for sale in Kroonstad. Dad's agony over the death of his daughter, grandchildren in Kroonstad train accident. Croonstad: Kroonstad, city, northern Free State Province, South Africa.

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Throughout the Second Book War, from 13 March to 11 May 1900, the city became the capitol of Orange Free State and later the seat of a UK concentrate camps for Buran wives and kids..... Kroonstad's major industrial sector is farming. This is the center of a wealthy farming region that produces corn, grain, milk and meats and wool.

Bloemhoek Dam is located eastwards of the city and covers most of the city' s demand for fresh ore. There is a trailer fleet and many other campsites on the shores of the Valsrivier, which are popular with fishermen and aquatic sportsmen. Situated on the river Ne1, Kroonstad surrounds the city to the south.

Further local highways in the city are the R34 to Odendaalsrus (southwest), the R76 to Steynsrus (southeast), the C721 to Vredefort (northwest) and the R82 to Heilbron (northeast). The Kroonstad Station operates the city and is situated at the important rail hub from Cape Town via Bloemfontein to Johannesburg. There is a small airfield without passengers flying to Kroonstad.

Kroonstad's shops are characterized by characteristic streets. New Kroonstad Waterfront Mall, Maokeng Mall, Panorama Plaza, Checkers Center, Shoprite Center and Pick'n'Pay Center are underway. One of the most beautiful cities in the Free State, Kroonstad is located on the bank of the Vaal, a river that flows alongside the Vaal, about a two-hour car ride from Johannesburg.

It is a picturesque city, which is a stopover between Johannesburg and Bloemfontein, as it is practically half way there. There are a number of outdoor pursuits in Kroonstad including fleamarkets, a teagarden, angling on the Vals River or Bloemhoek Dam, hiking paths and guided walks with lions, and lions and tigers in Boskoppie lions and tigers area.

Today, Kroonstad is an important administration, agriculture and education center that still possesses much of the intrinsic beauties that prompted the Voortrekker to found the city where they did it. The Kroonstad is an important farming services center in the Free State with a predominantly agriculturally oriented industry and a state-of-the-art highways.

The PWV region can thus be reached within two driving hrs from Kroonstad as well as from the northwest, Bloemfontein and the eastern Free State. There are two towns in Kroonstad whose name recalls their own: The Wikimedia Commons has got press on Kroonstad.

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