The Krasnodar region is a city in the south of Russia, the capital of the Krasnodar region. s name" id="Name">Name[edit] The Krasnodar fountain, centre lower left: The Krasnodar Railway 1 Station, centre right: In 1793 the town was founded as a martial encampment, then as a stronghold constructed by the Cossacks to protect the emperor's frontiers and enforce Russia's rule over the Circassians, a right that Ottoman Turkey contests. By 1888 about 45,000 inhabitants were living in the town, which had become an important trading centre for South Russia.

In the course of the civil war in Russia (1917-1922) the town repeatedly moved from one owner to another and was gradually under the supervision of the Red Army and the Volunteer Army. A white general, Lavr Kornilov, conquered the town on 10 April 1918, only to be murdered a fortnight later when a Bolshevik grenade blown up the country house where he had established his headquarter.

This was the first such process to take place in Krasnodar from 14 to 17 July 1943. Krasnodar court announced eight condemnations of execution, which were executed in summary on the plaza in front of a multitude of about thirty thousand persons. In Krasnodar, the hyperboloide turret erected in 1928 by the famous Grigorievich Vladimir Shukhov is situated close to the Krasnodar circus.

Krasnodar's most interesting place is Krasnaya Street (translated "Red Beautiful Street"). Krasnodar has many attractions. In the center of Krasnaya Street there is a "triumphal arch". This well was formally opened on 25 September 2011, along with an offical celebration of the Krasnodar City Day.

It is the economical centre of South Russia. Krasnodar has been awarded the title of the best Russian shopping centre by Forbes for several years. More than 130 large and medium-sized companies make up the city's industry group. Krasnodar's major industries: The Krasnodar district is a sophisticated trading estate and has the highest volume of sales in the Russian South Federal District.

Krasnodar has the highest number of shopping centers per head in Russia. Please be aware that in the 2009 financial turmoil, Krasnodar's sales grew further, while most towns showed a downward tendency in the sales of goods. In Krasnodar, as in many other large Russian metropolises, the main transport means is the car, although an effort has been made to improve the accessibility of alternatives, such as the building of trams (planned), cycle tracks and broadwalks.

Krasnodar means of transport include urban busses, trolley busses, tramways and regular service taxi services (Marshrutkas). Trolley busses and tramways, both with trolley lines, are the most important means of transport in Krasnodar, which does not have an underground system. Principal carrier was Kuban Airlines (at Krasnodar International Airport), but it shut down in 2012 and now the major airlines are Aeroflot and Donavia.

Intourist, Hotel Moskva and Hotel Platan are among the biggest in town. The Krasnodar uses a 220 V/50 Hz mains adapter with two round sockets, like most of the other western sockets. In Krasnodar there are also two train stations: Krasnodar 1 and Krasnodar 2. Kuban has a number of colleges, among them some state colleges (Kuban State University, Kuban State Technological University, Kuban State Agrarian University, Kuban State Medical University, etc.).

Krasnodar University of Social and Commercial Technologies. Krasnodar historical centre is the oldest part of the town, consisting of many historical monuments, some of which date from the nineteenth centuries. In Krasnodar there are several large theatres: Children's ballet theatre "Refugees" The creative society "Premiere" Krasnodar has several large museograms.

Kovalenko Krasnodar Regional Fine Arts is one of the oldest museums of fine arts in the North Caucasus. One of the biggest libraries in the town is the Pushkin Krasnodar Regional Universal Scientific Library, established in 1900. There are several sport associations in the town: At the centre, the kingly character "E" stands for Ekaterina II (Russian for Catherine II).

There is also the date of the foundation of the town, the imperial twin royal dagger (which symbolizes the Tsar's auspices over the Black Sea Cossacks), a Bulava of a Cossackataman, the Ekaterinodar stronghold and banners with the letter "E", "P", "A" and "N" representing Catherine II, Paul I, Alexander I and Nicholas I. Yellow star around the sign symbolised 59 Black Sea stanits in the town.

Krasnodar has a damp semi-tropical microclimate (Cfa) under the Köppen climatic rating. Wintry meteorological phenomena differ widely in the town; for a few nights the temperature can reach 20 C (68 F), but Krasnodar is not unlikely to experience below -20 C (-4 F) as the town is not mountain sheltered.

Each year the municipality gets 735 millimetres (28. 9 in) of rainfall, which is distributed throughout the year. The Krasnodar region is rarely hit by severe winds. Kraznodar is a partner: Partnership: Namina Agadzhanova (1889-1974), screenwriter and stage manager, Russian Federal State Statistics Service (2011).

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