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The KrasAir of Krasnoyarsk Airlines (Russian: ?????

??????? ?????????) was a Russian luchtvaartmaatschappij with hair hoofdzetel in Krasnoyarsk. Name of the airline Kras Airline; no longer contractually capable. The KrasAir transports passengers and freight. CAPA's Premium Airline Profiles combine our news, data and analysis to provide you with everything you need to know about KrasAir. KRasnoyarsky avialinii (Krasnoyarsk Airlines JSC dba / Member of AiRUnion Alliance) Name: Kras Air Land:

Flights to KrasAir

The KrasAir operates to many locations and offers all customers a secure and cost-effective airfare. Explore the most sought-after KrasAir air lanes to locations around the world. To schedule your next trip, use the following itinerary. The KrasAir is a regular carrier headquartered in Krasnoyarsk, Russia and part of the AirUnion-Allianz.

The KrasAir is the leading member of the AirUnion Air Union of Russia's airline alliances, which include Domodedovo Airline, Samara Airline, Omskavia and Sibaviatrans, and has recently purchased Malev from Hungary. KrasAir has a large internal service in Russia and serves many foreign countries. Mineralny Vody, Moscow (Domodedovo), Novosibirsk, Norilsk, Omsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Podkamennaya Tunguska, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Severo-Yeniseysk, Sochi, St.

The KrasAir is a very vibrant and aspiring Russia carrier managed by the two Abramovich Brothers (no relationship to the one who runs the Chelsea Football Club in London). The recent takeover of Malev points to further global trends in the coming years, and we anticipate that the AirUnion trademark will become increasingly visible in the West over the next ten years.

KrasAir: Unsuccessful Union - Yesterday's airlines

KrasAirAir ( "Krasnoyarsk Airlines" or Krasnoyarskiye avialinii) has been transformed from the two Krasnoyarsk components of the Aeroflot CAD to one of the biggest carriers in Russia in the mid-2000s.... Under the leadership of the Abramovich brothers, it courageously tried to merge several of Russia's carriers into a new superpower, but like many other carriers, it was not able to overcome the seriousness of the 2008 inconvenience.

In 1993, the carrier was privatized and organized as a joint-stock corporation, in which the municipal authorities owned 51% of the first Krasnoyarsk UAD (IL-62, IL-76 and TU-154) and the second Krasnoyarsk UAD (AN-26 and Yak-40). Kryzoyarsk itself is the third biggest town in Siberia (in central Russia) with over 1 million inhabitants.

Under the direction of its CEO Boris Abramovich, Kras Air has established a powerful Russian distribution system with the Russian capital as its major transportation centre. When the company rented a DC-10-30 couple from McDonnell Douglas in July 1995 and April 1996, it was an early adopter of West European gear, but the model was found to be too costly to use and the plane was handed back in August 1997.

In fact, the airline's airplanes wore essential Aeroflot colors with Kras Air title in the 90s and like many of the baby flots a uniform labeling was not particularly important for the company at that point in the year. The member airlines' fleet began to use the brightly plain colors of the AliRUnion with small labels of their initial airlines.

Two new IL-96 have been purchased by Kras Air: Even westerly guys started to join the navy, which in 2008 was 6 737-300, 4 757, 4 767-200ER, 4 IL-86, 2 IL-96, 15 TU-154 and 1 TU-214. At this point in the year, AeroRUnion itself carried almost 5 million people (' just over 8 million with Aeroflot).

Sadly, the 2008 Russia financial crises had a severe impact on the cooperation with AlRUnion. In June 2008 it was in serious difficulties and both this months and August were temporarily banned for payment of outstanding surcharges. Until mid-August the company owes 223 million roubles and on 19 August its principal contractor turned down the services.

Supported by the resumption of state operation, but the airline's problems were insuperable and it finally crashed at the end of October, ending the vision of forming a single airlines, Aeroflot, S7 and UTAir. IL-96s did not find new owners until 2011, when they were transformed into a V.I.P. configurations and join the Russian State Transport Company.

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