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Cosher Restaurants

Best-Kosher Restaurants in London: See TripAdvisor travel reports from Kosher Restaurants in London. Hummus Bar (Glatt Meat) Hummus Bar Express (Glatt Meat) Isola Bella (Dairy) A kosher restaurant is a facility that serves food according to Jewish food laws (Kashrut). Have you got a question about Kosher Food in KW? If you are looking for kosher cuisine, Jerusalem is definitely the place to be. There are currently no kosher restaurants on Maui.

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It is Chalav Yisrael that all diary produce used by Klub's own restaurants. Bagels, sandwiches, salads, coffees, pizzas, waffles, ice creams and milkshakes, takeaways for Kiddushim and Smachot, features for up to 30 persons in our restaurants. below, self-service cafe and cafe side by side with our bread and delicacies department. Delicious dishes and a children's meal.

2EFTel: 020 8202 5575Features for up to 50 persons in our dining room. A New York styled pizza and paste restaurants with milk shakes, instant icecream, deep-fried yogurt and much more. 8LNTel: 020 3872 3777hummusbaruk@gmail.comf: KosherMiddle Eastern Hummus Bars meal with a touch of trend.

The Isola Bella (Dairy)111a -113 Golders Green RoadGolders Green NW11 8HRTel: 020 8455, Mediterranean and Thai cuisine.In-house full-featured menu. Up to 80 persons at different times.

NW4 2HHTel: 020 8203 7555Functions for up to 35 persons in our London restaurants. at a very competitive rate. Visitor open Mon-Thu 10.00 to 14.30. Edgware restaurants. Sunday evening teas, our tasty falafel. Twenty-three Amhurst ParadeAmhurst Park N16 5AATel: 020 8802, falafel, seafood and crisps, icecream, milkshakes, omelets, and more.

To take away for up to 100 persons. pizzas, seafood and fries, falafels, salads, smoothie. We are open Sun-Thu 12-22 h. Our place. Up to 60 persons and meetings can be organized.

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