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Before you added the Burmese subtitle, where did you download the film? China movies, Korean drama, Khmer, comedy, karaoke and much more. Brochures and catalogues - Films - Downloads. Like To Youtube Play Movies Myanmar Subtitles. Thumbs.

Subtitle Burmese translators required (Full-time 1,070K MMK/part-time 534K MMK)

Andrew (www.andovar.com) is looking for a subtitling translator for a major film subtitling translator assignment for a major multimedia group. It is intended to provide translations of sub-titles for a large number of films from English into Burmese. Probably the duration of the projekt starts in September and lasts at least 2 month.

Being a Burmese mother tongue translator. Very good knowledge of English. There is no need for translating expertise. During the duration of the projects you are supposed to be in regular contact with our managers. Ready to use subtitle editing tools for translations. Andovar provides subtitle editing tools free of cost if you do not yet own them.

Interpreter: A fulltime interpreter should work 40 working hour aweek. The number of part-time interpreters should be 20 working lessons per week. t. I was translating for a Korean author and a German website. Translations from German into Burman and from German into Burman. I am now joined the EQHO Translations Group to become its officially appointed subtitlesiter.

I have translated sub-titles for 3 films and 2 TV-shows. It' s my favorite translation. Do you know I like movies and TV shows? I' m able to work 40 full -time lessons a week. It' okay.

Burma accused of having cracked in US film for North Korea

Myanmar PD, also known as Burma, has taken a harsh stance against pirate films in "The Interview", speculating that the administration will bow to Northern Korean pressures. A number of Korean papers have reported that the Yangon embassy has put Myanmar's agencies under duress to stop the sale and distribution of The Interview.

Yangon PD Colonel Win Kyi said the suppression had nothing to do with any particular film. "No. We seize these bootlegged VCD' s every day. The Myanmar pirate VCD' s damage the film and video association. However, a point-of-sale salesman who did not want to be mentioned informed the VOA services in Burma that in the past the cops only seized pirate copies with Myanmar caption.

Now he said that all pirate copies are being recorded, although the raid began soon after the Yangon sales of "The Interview". The seller said, "They confiscate pirate copies of a VCD, especially "The Interview" movies, from road-salesmen. Nordkorea is indignant about the "Interview", an US satirical film about the fictitious murder of Kim Jong Un, the Korean guide.

It has been prepared in cooperation with the Burma VOA ministry.

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