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Embassy of Korea Myanmar

Game stop. Korea Myanmar. Korean Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar . South Korean Embassy address, phone number and email address in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar). Here you will find information about the Korean Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar, including address, telephone, fax, e-mail, office hours, website and ambassador.

She is the official representative of Myanmar in KOREA REPUBLIC.

South Korean Embassy in Myanmar

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Korean Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar

The Korean Embassy in Yangon offers a comprehensive array of consulting and consulting activities for Myanmar's locals, Koreans and the world. Myanmar's Korean Embassy in Yangon provides support to Myanmar's people through its counsel: the Korean Embassy in Yangon: Korean passports and visas are only granted to residents of Myanmar and Korea.

It may take several months for a Korean citizen to obtain a Korean citizenship visas and passports. Please consult the Korean Embassy in Yangon if you have questions regarding visas and passports. The Korean Embassy in Yangon is the only Korean embassy in Myanmar. The Korean Embassy in Yangon is represented by one of 69 consulates and embassies in the whole Korean population.

The Korean Embassy in Yangon is representing one of 33 international consulates and embassies from all over the globe in Myanmar.

Embassy of Korea in Yangon, Burma (Myanmar)

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The available tourist visitor forms differ from those used at the embassy. Please mail me the current Yangon forms. IAM PASTOR DAVID RAJU.DATTI I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO VISIT SOUTHERN KOREA.THAKYOU. You are invited to exchange your experience with the Korean Embassy - getting your passport and other information, localizing the location of the property, etc.

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