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Korea Air Reviews and Flights (with photos)

Enjoying the warm welcome of the cabins. They were standard low-cost seating, but the pleasant waiters made the trip pleasant. The cab servicing was simply excellent. I' d say I'm now an informal Korean Air trademark ambassador......because I'm going to recommend them to all my familiy and my mates. The whole cabincrew that was on my Sydney-Vancouver plane.....

I' m just a Korean Air fan. Also, the seat is larger and more comfy. Cabin crew are alert and try to satisfy everyone on the plane. I' m hoping Korean Air won't alter its policy. Hawaiian Airlines cleared the OGG bag via our ultimate BKK as everything was on one route.

There is a lot of room in the Airbus A 380 but little space for personal use. The 2-2-2-look, with its upright seating and no partitions, does not provide true private space. Luckily, there was a sparse population in Buisiness Classic, but if not, it would have felt pretty full. Dinner and services were good, the back room is a nice place to extend your feet and get a cocktail.

It was a long and strenuous journey, but the quality of the services made me miss how long it was. The journey to London was great, but the second stage of the way back was great. Accompanied by a thoughtful, courteous and friendly staff, nothing is too much work.

It is an outstanding meal with a Korean or Europian option. At the end of the day, when your assigned flight attendant came and said thank you.... We' ve bought R/T Business Class (BC) seating from Cebu to San Antonio, TX. I' m using a CPAP machine and we bought the BC SEAT because the web sites for CPAP recommend it.

During our journey to San Antonio we were flying Phillipine Airlines, Japan Airlines and American Airlines. Philippines and American Airlines (AA) gave me unrestricted permission. Japanese Airlines has a..... Because of time constraints we have reserved Korean Air for our vacation. Every year we go from Sydney to Paris or London.

In the last five years we have learnt a great deal to make our flights more convenient. The best modification we've made by far is flying Korean Air over Seoul. From Sydney in the early hours of the day, the plane will arrive in Seoul in the afternoons.

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